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Cop vs Motorcycle How a Cop Attempted to Take My Life

Cop vs Motorcycle How a Cop Attempted to Take My Life

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  • DaveDeaborn1967

    you weren’t tailgating the cop. He was trying to wreck you by stopping and only then turning on his flashers.

  • BIH-Marathoner

    Jfc. I hope your spineal injuries aren’t bad. I hope you went to a doctor to get checked out and definitely consult with an attorney.

  • P2K13

    I mean the biker was driving way too close, not sure about the US but in the UK you’re taught the 2 second rule for a safe distance between cars. Even before the police braked he was only about half a second behind the car.. half a second to react and stop in the case of an emergency while also speeding.. on a motorbike.

    Imagine an accident happening and the car has to do an emergency stop, the exact same thing would happen.

    Sure the police did a stupid thing, but this idiot is also driving like.. an idiot. Also notice the blurred speedometer at the start, wonder why (after he slows down it’s unblurred.. doing 81MPH, what was he doing before that?).

    Of course I’ll get downvotes because Reddit has a hard-on against police even when others are being dumb fucks.

  • DJDevon3

    Funny how his speedometer only shows right before the accident when he’s clearly speeding flying by people in the fast lane by using the right lane. With that said he’s not driving anymore recklessly than the cop is. The way the cop handled it was absolutely wrong, swerving while throwing his lights on seconds before slamming on the brakes. It could be construed as attempted manslaughter. Cop did that shit 100% on purpose and left the biker with no outlet. Biker definitely has a case, thankfully his family didn’t have to sue for wrongful death.

  • bbvr

    With a proper lawyer, this is a rock solid case against the PD. Motorcyclist is up for a very large payday indeed. Additionally the cop driving should be brought up on charges as well for this obvious case of intentional assault via road-rage.

  • Summebride

    Cops have earned our skepticism and disrespect, however this clown was weaving through traffic at 100+mph. That’s considered dangerous driving, and can carry escalated criminal consequences in many jurisdictions.

    From the police perspective, it could be argued he took to a lane to passively slow down the criminal motorcycle convoy. Prior to that, we see the motorcycle driver weaving in a way that would seem like he was tailing the police vehicle. The final stop the police driver has flashed brake lights already and turned on the light bar. Yes, you can debate if the time gap between the light bar and the stop was too quick. But rear ending from a dangerous driver doesn’t put the lead vehicle at fault. The final juke is could be explainable given the rapid lane changes and leans of the driver. What also needs to be realized is the police driver was having to respond to THREE dangerous motorcyclists swerving between lanes. He may well have had no good choice for lands because of criminal motorcycle riders operating in both lanes.

    There’s lots of bad cops out there that we need to remove, and hope to reform the profession. But this motorcycle rider was proudly filming himself committing depraved indifference to human life and has no sympathy from me. His video ends with an add-on of how he’s suddenly experiencing unspecified back pain when he sits in a chair for too long, and how he thinks cops are out to get *him* (even though he instigated dangerous driving and they were more than respectful to him afterward) and then finally pledges to immediately repeat his selfish and dangerous behavior because he has “one life to live and nobody is going to stop me”.

  • Summebride

    The delusional criminal will kill innocent people or cause harm and cost to the public by riding like a homicidal asshole.

    Swerving through traffic at 100+ mph was the first clue. That’s a speed at which traffic citations turn into criminal charges. Blaming someone else for rearending them is another. Trying to flame the police officer by name is another. Fishing for a nuisance lawsuit, one more. Concluding by vowing to continuing doing this criminally dangerous behavior and threatening that “nobody is going to stop me doing whatever I want to do” clinches it.

  • Apprehensive-Run8116

    Imagine speeding down the freeway, so fast that you censor your speedometer, then you even say to yourself “why did he break check me? Is it a cop?” And you continue speeding and tailgating.

    Then you crash. Rear end collisions happen for one reason. Following too closely and too fast.

    Idiot biker.

  • Star_Tropic

    When involved in a motorcycle accident it doesn’t matter whose fault it is, the motorcyclist is still the loser.

    He’s lucky he isn’t dead.

    This guy deserves a pay out.

  • Mharbles

    One of those videos where both parties are the asshole. Dude was riding dangerously. Cop should have just let him pass and then pulled him over but again, assholes.

  • VeryUnimportant

    Speeding, putting everyone at risk, then having the balls the censor the speedometer because its beneficial to you? What a scumbag.

  • andGalactus

    This fucking idiot, the roads are not your playground. Stay home and play GTA you clown. That cop was out of line but still you’re lucky.

  • Psyblade0_0

    Biker is speeding and driving like an asshole, but the cop is the one at fault. Cop did something unexpected on an empty highway… stop.

  • jetboyjetgirl

    Cop was driving faster than the biker the whole time. So they’re both reckless dangerous assholes exepct only one of them actually tried to kill the other.

  • grelgen

    doing math to figure out how fast he was going while his odometer was blurred out.

    the white stripes are 10 feet long

    he covers the distance of 1 of them in 2 frames

    youtube framerate is 24 per second

    he’s going 10 feet per 1/12th of a second

    120 feet per second

    that’s over 80 miles per hour…..

    in a posted 65

    You are the asshole.

  • Summebride

    Next video from this clown’s relatives: **”How a tree jumped in front of HypeLife and took his life… the tree used its trunk as a WEAPON”**

    Like him and his crew weaving through traffic at over 100 mph had nothing to do with being stopped by the highway patrol…

  • rackotlogue

    I see two idiots.
    Had you given him more distance and chilled out I bet he’d ignore your stupid ass but your stupid 20 year old idiot moron ass is on a bike and you still thought there is no way that car could harm you in any way despite its driver giving all the hints in the world before doing so, basically out of two brains on the road none of them figured out a way to avoid this crash. You’re lucky to learn the lesson. Your dumbass should get a settlement, but we both know your dumb ass will never drive like that again.

  • bhknb

    If someone is fucking with you in a car, don’t fuck with them, slow down and go somewhere else. Cops are just as addicted to adrenaline as 20 year old kids, and they have far less accountability.

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