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Chargers receiver Donald Parham is carted out in a shaking, fencing condition after a first quarter injury

Chargers receiver Donald Parham is carted out in a shaking, fencing condition after a first quarter injury

Chargers receiver Donald Parham is carted out in a shaking, fencing condition after a first quarter injury from sports

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  • Murderface__

    One of the uglier TBI’s I’ve seen in football. He was posturing for a crazy amount of time. I think he’ll be “fine”, but he should probably never play football again for his own good.

  • nevets4433

    As a Broncos fan, I was humbled last weekend by the Lion’s fan who’s sign announced we are all Broncos fans today when we lost DT.

    Well, we are ALL Chargers fans today!

    My sincerest hopes that he is ok after such a scary injury.

    I would suspect that anyone reading these posts is a football fan…and we all hate when anything like this happens.

  • GP1215

    Joe buck seriously saying he didn’t want to speculate but suggested it being cold outside is why he was shaking his arms on the stretcher. C’mon Joe……

  • DieselGaming

    Neuro Nurse here.

    Saw the play and swore he was posturing. Don’t think the outcome is going to be good…. Prayers for him and his family

  • ckilgore

    My daughter passed away in 2017 when she was 13 from a ruptured arteriovenous malformation on her brain. These are the movements she was making when I found her in her bed. Really really really hoping he is ok and it’s just temporary swelling or something.

  • anohioanredditer

    I like football sometimes, but it really does suck. Between this and the NFL skirting around the science and brutality of its game for years, it can be ugly. The thing is, this is normal for the game, and everyone acts like it’s an anomaly.

  • johnsontheotter

    This isn’t one of those hope he’s okay things. I honestly hope he lives. Brain injuries like this are so scary and if he makes it out with all his motor functions and cognitive ability. I honestly hope he hangs the cleats up because this is bad and his career is most likely over.

  • shiptendies

    They need to go back to grass fields. The domes and turf fields are built on fucking concrete.
    I suffered a really bad concussion in the same fashion except I was bridged during a football game. Absolutely 0 padding. Back of the head just bounced off it and I blacked out for a few seconds.
    I think grass fields on dirt would really cut down on concussions like this.

  • Nasty----nate

    I honestly wish they would just be upfront about it with players and the public. TBI, CTE,
    concussions and other injuries should just be just said like it is. You will give up your body to make this money. Stop dancing around the subject and tell it like it is and the people who continue to play know the risks. FB and other sports can be brutal and you will end up paying one way or the other.

  • Bigtymers1211

    The fact that he’s fencing position (hands extended out) after an injury like that and with rigidity means his literally has a pretty decent level/heavy TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury, like Concussion, blood/brain barrier disruption or pressure/injury to his brainstem). I have seen TBI like these after direct impact to the head (like someone hit their head on the ground without anything to break the fall). At the minimal, he might probably stay in the neuro unit of a hospital (which specialized in stroke or any neurological injury) for a day or two (if not more).

    And if I am the Chargers, he’s not playing the rest of the year, because he WILL have another concussion if he get hit in the head again soon, and who knows what happen with next hit (if he has another brain stem injury before this one healed, he can literally have further injury on the Brain Stem and run a non-zero risk of being brain dead on the field)

    Source: I am an RN working in the telemetry unit of a hospital that specialized in Neuro injury, and had taken care of patients that left the Neuro units after different type of neuro injury.


    TLDR: He got at least a medium/heavy concussion, as well as other brain related trauma that causes fencing response. We will know more after more test at hospital.

  • peszneck

    “Injury Update: Tight End Donald Parham Jr. is currently undergoing tests, imaging and evaluation for a head injury at UCLA Harbor Medical Center and is in stable condition”

    7:27 pst- Chargers Twitter

  • TinBoatDude

    Chargers statement on Parham, via CBS Sports:

    On Friday morning, the Chargers announced that Parham “stayed overnight at UCLA Harbor Medical Center for observation after being diagnosed with a concussion. He is resting comfortably, alert and will likely be discharged from the hospital later today.”

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