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Boba Fett Star Thinks His Character Talks Too Much in Star Wars Show

Boba Fett Star Thinks His Character Talks Too Much in Star Wars Show

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  • ceaguila84

    Temuera Morrison thinks his famous bounty hunter has too much dialogue.
    “I really feel that Ming-Na should say these lines, ’cause I wanna stay mysterious. I wanna stay quiet.”

  • mike_gainor

    Movies are horizontal worldbuilding. TV is vertical worldbuilding. If you wanted to remain a mysterious silent character then what did you think a 10 hour season was going to be about?

  • taint_licking_clown

    The creators were so sure we’d enjoy the show because bObA fEtT iS tHe BeSt that they forgot to craft a good story.

  • Pr0sthetics

    I agree, I feel like Boba in the OT and Boba in the show are two separate characters. Boba was the silent intimidating type in the OT and Boba in the show is a nice well mannered man with the same armor.

  • throwawaytrumper

    The mandalorian was great because the character was introduced slowly through what he did. Over time, we learn that he’s more than just a bounty hunter. It’s a modern knight-errant tale. You live through the tale, tension is actually built, story arcs are followed.

    With uncertain new IPs rules for making a good story are followed and you occasionally get something good. With established intellectual properties with known characters the focus is shifted to “cram in lots of familiar faces, special effects and lots and lots of violence”. Boring.

  • WhackOnWaxOff

    I’m sick and tired of Tatooine.

    Disney either needs to take Star Wars down a fresh route of characters and story-telling or just leave it the fuck alone.

  • Smokron85

    I’m still holding out for this : Boba Fett stands up from his throne. “I AM THE NEW LORD OF THE TATOOINE UNDERWORLD!” And as the crowd cheers, a shot rings out from the crowd. Boba Fett distengrates. A man with horrible burns and his face covered appears. “Who has my armor?” says the real Boba Fett.

  • I_might_be_weasel

    The talking and the constant helmet removal I can understand as the “Boba Fett trying to be a leader” theme of the show, but I really don’t like his weird lack of violence. He is being way to soft on people who are being willfully malicious toward him. Including trying to kill him.

    And he has some serious manpower issues. He has almost no goons. And the goons he does have seem to suck. The 2 slowest walking Gamorians in the galaxy, and a super anachronistic 50’s hotrod gang with whacky cyberpunk weapons.

  • Heychuh

    He gets his ass kicked way too much as well. This is supposed to be one of the most feared men in the galaxy. Though I just guessed he was old and had preexisting injuries slowing him down. I want to see more of the cunning tactician like from the books, not more of the guy who got taken down accidentally by a blind guy…

  • Jackol4ntrn

    Felt like this show could’ve just had Mando instead, kept his helmet on. Done the same things without calling it a flashback/ backstory. No need for Boba at all.

  • Ash_Killem

    He talks too much, takes his helmet off too much. And, for lack of a better word, comes off as a pussy. Dude gun someone down in cold blood. You can do that and still have honour.

  • santichrist

    He takes his helmet off too much but I don’t hear him crying about that

    Literally nobody wants to see “Boba Fett” without his bucket on

  • SomeFreeTime

    He’s right. Every episode he just asks Fennic what to do. Like becoming boba the hutt was his idea why does he need so much help?

  • fortyhouraweek

    He wants to be a crime lord but he doesn’t want to commit any crime. He’s supposed to be daring and fatalistic and wants to be the man in charge, but he doesn’t make any decisions and plays everything safe. He’s supposed to be a hardened, cold-blooded killer, but he doesn’t want to hurt anybody. He’s the weakest loser of an underworld kingpin there’s ever been. This is not the Boba Fett of the movies. If they switched his name and armor, literally nobody would ever think to themselves “wow, this guy reminds me of Boba Fett”.

  • Renicus

    Its been an interesting show far but quite sloppy imo. The dream sequences have been the best part. Current Boba seems very weak and it doesn’t even seem like he knows what he’s doing or wanting to do. It’s still fun to watch. You can nitpick it a lot for sure, though.

    The millennial vespa gang was awful and very out of place for star wars. I would understand completely if people stopped watching there. I don’t know who they were trying to appeal to but I can’t imagine many appreciating it in anyway.

    I wouldn’t say it’s disappointing but it’s missing the mark in a lot of ways. Either way, I’m going to keep watching because it’s doing some parts well.

  • goku2572

    He removes his helmet every five seconds and is not scary at all. He is more like an old man, dad bod-a-fett with two days until retirement trying to be a gangster. It’s more political garbage talks and makes boba look like a dork. Plus he gets beat up all the time or needs someone to save him in just about every fight. Weak sauce. So far pretty disappointing.

  • Bowbag_

    The fucked up by making the mandalorain the stoic quiet one that never takes his helmet off. Which is what bobba wasbefore they introduced mando

  • ZeroZelath

    I feel like he barely talked at all the first 3 eps, almost dropped the show it seemed insanely boring. I’m still not convinced on the show as it is but I’ll likely finish it at this point. Wouldn’t watch a season 2 though based off everything I’ve seen so far.

  • redfm8

    There’s such a weird reluctance among people to admit this show isn’t working for them. So much of the social media discourse is dancing around it, and when I saw this piece of news first break it was through a website that framed it as Morrison joking as if to soften the criticism when he’s clearly not.

  • Eh_Yo_Flake

    This is the second series in a row that wastes the high concept of “space bounty hunter” by instead making the character some altruistic good guy.

    Like, they literally had the opportunity for a do-over of Mando and they just did the same shit again. Let’s instead just go back to Tattooine and watch this guy be terrible at his job.

  • toepin

    This is something I cannot bring myself to watch.
    The Mandalorian was so good and having Boba show up was awesome but it should have been left at that. Keep him mysterious and interesting.

  • sanchito88

    Too much bad dialogue, boring plot, dumb action scenes. Turning the coolest character in Star Wars into this bland crap is classic Disney.

  • Assipattle

    What the absolute fuck were they thinking with the space punk moped gang in the last episode?!?

    There outfits don’t even look theyre from the star wars universe and the coloured bikes with the mod style mutli wing mirrors?? Since when do the speeders in star wars have wing mirrors?

    I don’t know I just felt it really out of place for star wars.

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