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Blizzards Diablo Immortal heavily pay to win. Don’t log in for a day and you can lose items you paid for!

Blizzards Diablo Immortal heavily pay to win. Don’t log in for a day and you can lose items you paid for!

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  • LivefromPhoenix

    Kind of appreciate games being so open about being exploitative P2W whale bait. Immediately know not to waste my time on them.

  • Snapingbolts

    So you are telling me they ruined hearthstone battleground for a week to promote this game and its just some pay to win bullshit?!?!

  • First_Frost

    30-day login reward passes that cost ~5-10 dollars and only provide rewards if you actually log in are exceptionally common… Not defending the practice, but it’s weird Ziz hasn’t EVER heard of them before. I could name 10 off the top of my head.

  • Sigma6987

    I suspect they might make things as shitty as possible in order to change it later on (after they figure out how much idiots are willing to put up with) and make it look like they actually care (they don’t and never will again, Blizzard died years ago).

  • ImpossibleReality903

    I’m playing this right now on my phone. Mostly out of nostalgia for the Diablo games. I knew it was pay to win going in (I think, I’m not far enough to know whether I’ll be limited by not paying).

    I haven’t payed for anything and have no intention to. I’m not sure who tha fuck would pay for these games. I’ll uninstall it when I can’t advance further.

  • MyPullRequestsSuck

    This game won’t launch in Belgium and The Netherlands because of lootbox (gambling) regulations.

    Don’t get me wrong, lootboxes are allowed in those countries. However, companies have to be somewhat transparant about the contents (chances, rarities, … not the actual contents).

    When a company doesn’t release their game in those countries, it’s usually an indicator that they want to milk it as much as possible and very often is p2w.

  • blorgenheim

    I feel like putting this on PC was a mistake. Because this is just a mobile game. Theyre all like this and its not really for a western audience anyways. This is going to make them so much money in china its insane.

  • fongletto

    Remember when blizzards model was to release a perfect game at launch.

    Blizzard is the least reliable developer out of any of them. If anyone buys or pre-orders their games they deserve every bad things that happen to them for supporting a trash company.

  • PsuBratOK

    What the hell happened to, pay for a game, and get the got damn game, straight away?

    Let them pay for the cosmetics they choose from in game shop – that should be it. I stopped playing all those new titles, cause I’m too done with that shit, but I guess people love it.

  • smonkyou

    Not unlocking monetizations until you progress through certain levels is so sketchy because then you’ve invested so much time which makes it harder to ditch if the prices of those are insane

  • anonymityishard

    Copy pasta from 3.5 years ago:

    To be clear, the game will not be a dumpster fire in its entirety. During your first day the strength of your hero will seemingly double every hour. In game resources will flow and you will definitely have fun. While the strength of the players at the top of the leader board will seem light years ahead of you, you will feel as though you are on a path to getting there. After all, you’re doing content today you couldn’t have done yesterday. However, it will not be until you’ve invested a significant amount of time into the game until you appreciate the thousands of dollars that separate your character and the best. And it won’t be for several weeks or months until you realize that the content you’re grinding to unlock additional content isn’t providing a very great experience.

    But at first you’ll be happy and resolved! I don’t need to spend money, you’ll say. This is fun. I’m having fun. I can put in the time. Free to play for life! Maybe you’ll make it a day or two. Or a week. But then, “Oh wow, wtf? There is a special deal in the store. I can acquire an item or resource that would normally take days or weeks or months to acquire the free to play way. Okay, just this once.” So you’ll spend that $25. And your character’s battle rating will increase. You’ll be immediately stronger on some content. It’ll feel great.

    But tomorrow it’ll be back to the same old slog. You’ll do your daily quest. You’ll participate in server events and get one shotted by some top 20 player. What little satisfaction you got from yesterday’s purchase is a distant memory. Sure you have all the time to spend in the world progressing your character for free, but that progress is SO SLOW. And now the annoying new player in your guild that started last week is already twice your strength. “F***ing whale!” you’ll curse under your breath. “Pay to win poser.” Well, maybe I could just spend a little more.

    But you actually spend a lot. And now you’re stronger than that poser. And it feels AMAZING. And now you’ve got the attention of a stronger guild that does better during server events and gets better rewards. Whoa, they want you?! SWEET!

    Now you’re in a better guild! It’s a week before you realize the guild has an A-squad that meets at designated times to complete top content. You’re not strong enough for them to want you. Occasionally a member of the A-squad helps you on a daily quest and you’re amazed at how strong they are and how easy everything is for them. Okay, maybe I’ll spend a little more. But you spend a lot.

    Now you’re on the A-squad! And you’re actually in the server’s top 200. It feels amazing. You raid late that night on discord and actually have a damn fun time. You clear content you couldn’t have imagined clearing the week earlier. But then you get a server wide announcement. WTF? Immortals guild cleared Pulrik on Heroic difficulty?! They got WHAT rewards? Man my guild sucks. Hmm, maybe I’ll just spend a little more. My paycheck hits tomorrow. NBD. But you spend a lot.

    EVENTUALLY, you reach top 20 on the server. You are at the cutting edge of content. You log on.

    You completely obliterate a new player with a one shot. And . . . it doesn’t feel that great. The game is beginning to lose its sheen. Where once you saw advanced content, now you see a business model. And folly. In fact, in that moment as the newbie’s hero executes its death animation you realize that what really separates you and the newbie isn’t your battle ratings. It’s thousands of dollars that the newbie has yet to spend. And in that moment you want to be that newbie. To reverse all those IAPs. To not worry about your significant other checking your credit card account online. And the newbie? The newbie wants to be you.

    This is the NetEase business model. This is what’s so exciting to Blizzard.

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