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[Ben Rothenberg on Twitter] Novak Djoković attended an award ceremony for children the day after his purported positive PCR test

[Ben Rothenberg on Twitter] Novak Djoković attended an award ceremony for children the day after his purported positive PCR test

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  • Christopherfromtheuk

    Awkward and shows him to be at best a sociopath(which is hardly news really), but might not have bearing on his visa – assuming he *did* have Covid, because he doesn’t ever lie.

    As a separate issue, no vaccine means he has to isolate for 2 weeks, previous infection or not.

  • The14thdr

    This will expose so much about sport, sponsorship and the exact reason why we haven’t been able to squash this covid shit after 2+years.


  • Lazy-Contribution-50

    So djokovic is admitting to being a criminal to play the Australian open.

    He is either forging a negative covid test – which is a federal offence in both Serbia and Australia (where he wants to play), or he broke federal quarantine rules in both his home country and wherever this event is which is also a federal crime.

    He should be charged for this and not allowed to play the Australian open , at minimum .

    Would love to see the ATP take a stand on this

  • Segat1133

    Not that I didn’t feel this way before but fuck Novak. For fucks sake believe whatever you want but you had it, it was confirmed and you just casually go to an event with children the next day. Fuck you.

  • Cold_Refrigerator_69

    Remember that time he hit a line umpire in the throat.

    But that’s OK I am sure it’s hard to hit a tennis ball where you want when you’re number 1 in the world.

  • Jooy

    It’s pretty obvious he paid someone to fake a positive covid test. If the story is as he said, he would have to notify the kids he met and their parents that he tested positive and that they have to quarantine/get tested. It would have been a scandal and we would have heard about it on the 17-18th. I doubt the kids sign NDAs

  • JamesXX

    Serious question because I’m not following this super closely.

    Doesn’t a PCR test result take a few days to get back? If so, could he have taken the test on the 16th, gone to the event on the 17th, and got his results back on the 18th? Wouldn’t that count as a positive test on the 16th?

    Again, I’m not reading anything but Reddit about this! And I’m not 100% sure about PCR test turnaround.

  • rosalita0231

    I don’t believe for a second that he actually tested positive. It’s moot anyways because recovery is not an exemption to vaccination in Australia. It only excempts you from pre-departure testing. So f him, I hope they put him on a plane home on Monday

  • DientesDelPerro

    every take is bad — faking a positive test to circumvent a rule requirement or knowingly spreading covid to kids

    jfc this asshole

  • stokelydokely

    My impression of Djokovic is quickly turning from “this guy doesn’t like to follow the rules” to “this guy really believes the rules do not apply to him”

  • Crazyripps

    So either faking a positive test to try and get in. Or being positive and knowingly spreading it to kids. What a lovely man

  • whatsgoodforme

    I’ll say it again. Athletes are not role models. They’re good at a sport. That’s it. They’ve got their 10,000 hours in at putting a ball in a hole or throwing a ball or in this case hitting a ball…that doesn’t make them model citizens or people. Stop pretending they’re better than regular people because they’re not and in so many cases, they’re worse. They have inflated egos, dreams of invincibility and because they’d have spent countless hours perfecting one aspect of their lives they have also spent less time than your average human working on themselves. Surrounded by money, power and fame. Dude is a great tennis player. That’s it. Stop pretending he’s Superman.

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