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Being stingy pays off sometimes

Being stingy pays off sometimes

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  • FaFeFiF

    Hold on, you still don’t know if there’s an extra secret real end boss that’s harder. Better keep those elixirs a bit longer just to be safe…

  • JaysusSaves

    I feel like this is a ‘Self Help’ group.

    Hi 👋,

    My name is Jaysus and I too suffer from Precious Inventory Hoarding.

  • BumbusMcDunga

    Proceed to use healing magic and spells because “I shouldn’t burn through my items just yet. The boss may have a second phase”

  • Halaster

    I would say that 99% of the time you do not need them for the final boss either.

    I can recall a single instance in the past 25 years where I had to actually burn through the items I saved up, and that was the secret boss Culex in Super Mario RPG.

    Most games seem to be balanced around the characters power levels and items, and not actually balanced around consumables at all, so you can pretty much make due without using them for the entire game with just a small bit of extra grinding. You could honestly completely remove consumables from most RPGs that have them and the game would still be fully manageable. There may be a few exceptions of course, but I would think they would be exceptions and not the norm.

  • OozeNAahz

    Got to the end of Neverwinter Nights and hadn’t used anything big the various scrolls and potions I had.

    Final boss was a dragon. There was a woman at the end of a long hallway that once you got to her started the event and she turned into a dragon and came after you.

    I had a ton of timed release fireball scrolls I had picked up. Basically cast them on a square and when an enemy entered the square it would trigger a fireball.

    So I set them the entire length of the highway. Walked up, triggered the event, then ran back down the corridor. Turned and watched as the woman transformed and started chasing. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.

    Dragon dropped dead at my feet. Took zero damage and didn’t fire a single shot. Most anticlimactic boss fight ever.

  • StormTrooperGreedo

    In Kotor 2, when you get to Malachor, there was a boss fight that gave me a particulary hard time, think it was a tougher version of the monsters on that level. Anyway, I finally got sick of trying to fight it with my lightsaber, so I planted literally every mine I had disarmed from the beginning of the game. Never used mines up to that point. After a very laggy explosion, the boss was dead instantly.

  • Billy_Rage

    And you still don’t use them on the boss because you don’t want to waste them if you die, or the end game boss is even harder

  • MrButtermancer

    Old comment of mine, but relevant:

    >If it’s a final fantasy game, you should probably be holding back if you’re fighting the final boss only a mere four phases in and they’re still vaguely humanoid. If the stakes are as low as complete global domination, just be patient.
    >You gotta wait until the whole world’s prayer is combining into a spirit shield to prevent the white-haired big bad’s ghost melded with the literal embodiment of the apocalypse from eating spacetime. That’s when you’re maybe getting close. Listen to the music. If you haven’t heard the main theme come on in an orchestral remix, you’ve probably got like six phases left so hang in there. You’re only safe to dump your good spells once it’s clear you no longer have any idea what exactly it is you’re fighting or what the stakes are anymore.
    >If it’s Zandarr, the Arch Councillor of the Black Empire fighting you for control for the Omnicrystal, nope. You are clearly not done, have you ever played one of these games before?
    >If you’ve killed Zandarr, the crystal broke, and now you’re spiraling through a shimmering abyss with Zarnganthnathvor Ascendant Prima, a mass of writhing black tentacles with the chiseled naked ivory torso of the mysterious stranger whose been chasing you throughout the game (now post a monologue vaguely about “becoming one with the universe,”) who just wiped half your party with an ability whose animation appears to have actually destroyed the planet the entire game takes place on (but it’s fine?), the time is now.
    >Use -> ether.

  • Parking_Tangelo_798

    Doesn’t work at all for people who are gonna play sekiro. Remember use everything you have cus you still gonna loose to headless.

  • MagicSPA

    Stinginess is when it affects other people.

    If the effects of it are only on you, then it’s not stingy, it’s “thrifty.”

  • modsareflaccid

    Play horizon zero Dawn. You’ll never run into this issue. You’ll use them all just trying to get through a single group of medium difficulty enemies. Run into two high difficulty enemies at once and you’ll need a new controller

  • Diagonal_Burrito

    Just got done beating Darklurker on DS2. Worst boss I have faced so far mainly because you need to use an effigy for each try. Good thing I had this same exact mentality OP is talking about and saved 30 of them. Fuck that boss when he splits in two………….. >:( Manus and Orenstein+Smough were hard as fuck but at least you had infinite tries.

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