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Behind the scenes of Apocalypse Now (late 1970s)

Behind the scenes of Apocalypse Now (late 1970s)

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  • fishsauce453

    Damien, what’s the dealy, dude?

    Are we gonna blow this tree line or what?

    Tuk Tuk and Kim got the blue balls here.

    I’m gonna let them squirt if we’re a go!

    – Play it through. Still rolling!
    – Dieter, can he hear me?

    That’s C-4, dipshit. Put that back. I said a detonator.

    I need some dudes up here who speak American, God damn it!

    He’s making a fucking sweater back here.

    I’m trying to put Tiger Balm on this jungle’s nuts.

  • TooTall2Fall

    Guy I worked with in the late ’70s worked on the film. He was a commercial diver working in the Phillipines and was hired on to set up prop explosions and such. Coppola liked his looks and hired him to be an extra as one of Col. Kilgore’s officers. He ended up with a couple of lines. He was the guy that Duvall turns to and says “What do you know about surfing Major, you’re from fucking New Jersey!”

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