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Before the internet, we still found a way

Before the internet, we still found a way

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  • vorblesnork

    Holy shit I got whiplash from the nostalgia!
    I got the snes mini last year and whilst the magic nostalgia box was awesome, I tried Donkey Kong, remembered I suck. Starfox gave me a fuckin migraine which sucked because it was like heroine as a kid. And then alttp…I probably shaved several years off my life, grinding the shit out of that game, probably getting 2 hrs of sleep per night through slipping into unconsciousness whilst reliving my childhood.
    …halfway to 70, I am now BotW’s crackwhore

  • DepletedMitochondria

    Original Dragon Quests were fucking FRUSTRATING without the paper map (need a nintendo power magazine) and you had to take notes like Ultima

  • Fluessigsubstanz

    Yes but it was connected with way more effort. Internet is a blessing and a curse.

    Blessing if something really is a bs thing.

    Curse cause spoilers and people that give up fast ruin their experiences instead of using their brain.

  • DragoonXNucleon

    Man, new gamers will never understand the joy of getting out the grid paper and drawing a map of a game like zork, or EQ or ultima or Dragon Warrior or Zelda.

    The problem is that because of the internet a games secrets are made even more obscure because otherwise its too easy. This makes it even harder to not look at the internet. But if the devs make it the difficult it used to be… its way too easy for those using the internet.

  • 3vi1

    In ’91, when this came out, I would have been a sysop on CompuServe in VIDGAMES forum, where we traded walkthrus for games like this. Also, CompuServe was connected to the internet as far back as ’89, even if most of us didn’t use it for much more than telnetting to MUDs.

  • Fluffy_Mood5781

    I bought the snes mini from Christmas money. And tomorrow I’m gonna try to finish the last 2 dungeons. And after that I don’t know what’ll happen.

  • Valdish

    I like the encouragement it gives you, you don’t get that in modern days, now it’s apparently bad to assume the players are too stupid to figure puzzles out on their own.

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