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Because **** consistency

Because **** consistency

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  • BSSCommander

    From my experience I found using an Xbox controller was easier to use when building a ship than a keyboard and mouse. You’d think it would be the other way around, but between the awkward UI navigation, unintuitive keys, and the mouse just not cooperating half the time I gave up and switched to an Xbox controller. I was surprised how much better it worked for me. Might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it made ship building a lot less of a pain in my ass.

  • wncryz

    It is pretty interesting for me. I never play on standard key binds, always customised and I dont understand why you cant change them if they arent comfy

  • whovian1087

    While some of it is frustrating, some of it is because there are multiple options that have to be sifted through. You can’t make the outpost buildings and variations the same options. Same with ship power allocations. Don’t get me wrong, the consistency absolutely could’ve been better, but some of these have to have different inputs.

  • BarrierX

    Starfields ui & ux is pretty bad but this image also makes it seem worse than it is.

    There are multiple actions possible at the same time, you use wasd to move up and down in the menu, q,t/e to change tabs and arrow keys to chose variants.

    It could all just be mouse based on pc but it’s this way because it has to support gamepads.

  • ThereIsNoAnyKey

    The Contextual action button can fuck right off too, because you have to hold E on pc in order to hail a ship/station, but in order to recieve a hail you have to just tap it. The amount of times I’ve tried to answer a hail only to stand up ajd get blasted for not responding is way too high.

  • gor_6

    Oblivion has E as jump and Spacebar as acting in fucking 2006. So I’m not even surprised. Or you wanna say to Todd that people need comfortable and familiar control?

  • kayll-

    You cant use a button for something if its already being used by something else in the same UI which is the case for majority of these examples.
    So what do you expect them to do?

  • eppic123

    Z and C is especially annoying, because it doesn’t get remapped to Y and C when using a keyboard with QWERTZ layout. This has already been the case with FO4 and FO76.

  • Levelman123

    Dont forget that when you get powers you can assign the powers to a hotkey, but the hotkey doesnt just use the power. No, it just switches to the power, but guess what? The UI doesnt tell you what power you have equipped. So you hear the switch noise but have absolutely no idea what power is selected

  • unematti

    That’s not all, but try searching what button does what… And you get RT and X and triangle… Even if you specify PC. I know PCs work with controllers but dammit, it’s a shootyshoot game… Why would a sane person use a controller on pc… (I know why. Because it’s comfortable to lay back and play on TV. But it’s annoying.)

  • raskafari

    Also, rotating objects in build mode in outposts and home with mouse1 and mouse2. Bonus points for having the object rotate super fast so that it’s really difficult to line anything up.

  • Grimman1

    This is nitpicky at best. T is the only outlier, but that is because E is already being used in those menus. The fact that you used variations as an example when it’s in the same fucking menu as a Q/T, AND consistent across menus is laughable. Perks… unlike controller, you have a mouse. (Also WASD works)

    I have my reservations with this game (the gameplay loop is so fucking boring) but this is just pathetic.

    EDIT: except for builder. Z/C is so out of the way.

  • SwineHerald

    Bethesda is the same company that decided to bind melee attacks and grenades to the same button because they needed two separate buttons for their two separate pause menus.

  • biggubosu1

    The dumbest thing is not being able to view 2 inventories at the same time. Such as Vendor and Yours or Cargo and Yours. You got like 3/4 of the screen being dead space and only the left shows the itemlist.

  • dicene

    I usually use ESDF instead of WASD. This game is probably the hardest I have ever had to work in the Keybinding menu to get my controls switch. It was an absolute slog

  • FairEmphasis

    The irony of this is the inconsistency of the way this is displayed. Starfield might have one of the worst UI’s I’ve ever had the displeasure of using, but why wouldn’t you put all the “QTs” and “arrow keys” in the same grouping? Instead it’s randomly thrown around to make the list look longer and less coherent.

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