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Artax’s death scene in “The NeverEnding Story” never fails to bring on the emotions, especially if you first watched it as a kid.

Artax’s death scene in “The NeverEnding Story” never fails to bring on the emotions, especially if you first watched it as a kid.

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  • bullsontheparade

    Well thanks Reddit for making me cry while I’m looking at my phone on the subway going to home from work! What the hell man!

  • Consistent_Pound2233

    The guys beloved horse literally is so sad it dies of sadness. It saded to death. Thats heartbreaking I don’t care who you are.

  • upforgrabs21

    Adult me says that I was being a wimp when I got scared watching this in the cinemas in 1985.

    Adult me has also watched the film countless times since, and the scene still gets me every time.

  • myleftone

    I’ve read that the horse sacrifices himself to serve as a lesson: that sometimes awful things happen, and there’s nobody to blame, and nobody can do anything about it.

    It looks pointless to more modern eyes, but this was something earlier generations understood.

  • Alexandurrrrr

    The whole movie is about loss. Bastions Mom, Artax, Rockbiter not being able to hold on to his friends while The Nothing took them. This whole movie is one long cry fest.

  • Robbotlove

    back in like 2010, me and my friends were in our late 20s. we had the hilarious idea of watching Never Ending Story half in the bag. none of us had seen it since were kids but remembered the infamous Artax scene and joked about it. anyway, we sit down and start watching, making fun of the 80s cheese the whole time. until *the* scene of course. our loud group watched the scene in complete silence as we had apparently blocked out just how brutal it was. afterward once of us said “Jesus, I don’t remember it being that bleak.” and we all agreed. it’s nuts we watched this as children.

  • WarOtter

    Why the fuck would you pay this on a Monday morning? I’m not even gonna watch it, but I’m gonna be thinking about it now at work. Fuck you very much.

  • Memento-Mori-357

    In the book the horse spoke, and it was a lot less emotional. I have an original copy of the book written in the red and green ink, one of if not thr favorite book in my personal collection. Great memories of checking it out of the library when I was a kid

  • redditvlli

    If anyone wonders how it went in the book (where Artax could talk):

    >”Artax,” said Atreyu, “what’s the matter?”

    >”I don’t know, Master… I think we should turn back. There’s no sense in all this, we’re chasing after something you only dreamed about. We won’t find anything. Maybe it’s too late even now. Maybe the Child-Like Empress is already dead and everything we’re doing is useless. Let us turn back, Master…”

    >Atreyu was astonished. “Artax…” he said, “You’ve never spoken like this. What’s the matter, are you sick?”

    >”Maybe I am.” said Artax. “With every step we take, the sadness grows in my heart. I’ve lost hope, Master, and I feel so heavy. So heavy. I can’t go on.”

    >”But we must go on!” cried Atreyu. “Come along, Artax.” He tugged at the bridle, but Artax stood still. He had sunken up to his belly and made no further effort to extricate himself. “Artax!” cried Atreyu, “You mustn’t let yourself go! Come, pull yourself out or you’ll sink!”

    >”Leave me, Master,” said the little horse. “I can’t make it. Go on alone, don’t bother about me. I can’t stand the sadness anymore. I want to die!” Desperately, Atreyu pulled at the bridle but the horse sank deeper and deeper. When only his head emerged from the black water, Atreyu took it in his arms. “I’ll hold you, Artax,” he whispered. “I won’t let you go under.”

    >The little horse uttered one last soft neigh. “You can’t help me, Master. It’s all over for me. Neither of us knew what we were getting into. Now we know why they are called the Swamps of Sadness, it’s the sadness that has made me so heavy. That’s why I’m sinking. There’s no help.”

    >”But I am here too,” said Atreyu, “and I don’t feel anything.”

    >”You’re wearing the Gem (AURYN), Master,” said Artax. “It protects you.”

    >“Then I’ll hang it around your neck,” Atreyu cried, “maybe it will protect you too!” He started taking the chain off his neck.

    >“No!” The little horse whinnied, “You mustn’t do that, Master. The Glory was entrusted to you. You weren’t given permission to pass it on as you see fit. You must carry on the quest without me.”

    >Atreyu pressed his face into the horse’s cheek. “Artax…” he whispered. “Oh, my Artax…”

    >“Will you grant my last wish?” The little horse asked.

    >Atreyu nodded in silence.

    >“Then I beg you…to go away. I don’t want you to see my end. Will you do me that favor?” Slowly, Atreyu arose. Half of the horse’s head was already in the black water.

    >“Farewell, Atreyu, my master,” he said, “and thank you.” Atreyu pressed his lips together. He couldn’t speak. Once again, he nodded to Artax. Then, he turned away.

  • Expensive-Pay-3431

    My son was home sick one day, he was 7ish at the time so I played this for him. He was super into it until this scene, I went to check on him and he was balling saying why did you make me watch this, this movie is stupid! The I started to get choked up and we cried together 🙂

  • Ok-disaster2022

    It’s weird, as a kid I never cried watching movies or TV shows. I’d be upset sure. I hated watching this part of the movie and would fast forward. As an adult, I can start crying for a commercial. (I’m a dude).

    Also as a kid, violence agsinst a kid was no big deal, especially if it was a kids movie and the kids are facing off against silly adults. (Home alone). As an adult, violence against kids is one of the most despicable things in the world.

  • shinyogre

    My daughter was in a mode of “I’m gonna prove to my parents that I’m not scared” so she watched this scene for the first time and reacted very coldly to it.

    That said, they didn’t spend a lot of time in the movie developing Artax’s bond with Atreyu.

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