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An excerpt from a documentary about The Dana Carvey Show detailing the most unintentionally hilarious moment in TV history

An excerpt from a documentary about The Dana Carvey Show detailing the most unintentionally hilarious moment in TV history

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  • tooth28

    Man, Steve Carell’s face right before they say the name of the show. Its the face you make when you knew something bad was going to happen, but then something unexpectedly way worse pops up. Shocked disbelief and regret.

  • BeardedAvenger

    I was literally just thinking about this today and laughing about it. The Dana Carvey show really never stood a chance with how badly they marketed it. This is a great documentary btw, worth the watch.

  • AncientAsstronaut

    Great documentary. The Dana Carvey Show I think is on the same service that’s hosting the documentary. It’s worth a watch, some funny ass gems in there. The show was cursed from the cringey skit they started with.

  • Swackhammer_

    I vividly remember as a kid we would watch Home Improvement and the promos all week leading up to this episode has JTT saying something like “Am I gonna die dad?” and even at a very young age I was like HOL UP WTF???

  • Snogrog

    I will never not laugh at this moment. I don’t even need to watch it to know what moment this is describing.

    One of the best comedy documentaries.

  • GeorgeLuasHasNoChin

    If you have Hulu, for the love of god stop what you’re doing and go watch the documentary that this is from called, “Too Funny to Fail.”

  • AgentFunk

    I got to intern for this company as they were putting the final touches on this documentary! Absolutely hilarious and super informative! Totally worth watching the full thing if you have any interest.


    If you have the time, check out Becoming Bond from the same company. It’s about George Lazenby’s run as James Bond and its so so funny too!

  • alexgritz6689

    I thought, The Dana Carvey Show, was a fever dream I had had once as a kid. I’m pretty sure I had only seen it once, not knowing what it was, and very likely after an episode of, Home Improvement, but it stuck in my brain for over 20 years. The only thing I remembered from it was a skit of, The Wizard of Oz, but one character was a man who didn’t have a buttcrack, so he’s singing the song, “If I Only Had an Ass”. At the time I must have thought I was watching an episode of, SNL. For years I tried to find it online, and got nothing. I started to think I had dreamed it. Then I saw this documentary, and there it was. It had actually happened! It was a real memory! Dana Carvey really did sing a song about not having an ass. I wasn’t insane, I was simply a 9 year old victim of the insanity that was, The Dana Carvey Show.

  • My_Immortal_Flesh

    I’ll never forget using the single-bathroom right after Bill Hader in Burbank, CA.

    He had left fresh, dark yellow piss ALL OVER the toilet seat 🤣

    I remember thinking to myself, “he’s human, just like us..” lol

  • santichrist

    Anything that brings Stephen Colbert to tears is objectively funny, holy shit that was good

    I remember watching the dana carvey show with my family as a kid, we loved that shit but we loved dana carvey and weren’t a family that liked saccharine stuff like home improvement or full house, we watched married with children and the simpsons and in living color, that show was right up our alley

  • smanchwhich

    That juxtaposition happens constantly now to anyone with a free pandora account, especially if you’re into anything heavy or emotional. Hearing jingles right after black flag is pretty goddamn funny

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