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Ah Gamefreak how you always dissapoint

Ah Gamefreak how you always dissapoint

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  • Vaevictis891

    Sheesh that is so bad. I was actually looking forward to playing this with my daughter but no way in hell I’m paying 50 for that. Even if being a four year old she wouldn’t really care

  • jackblady

    Never understood why people expect Pokémon games to have great graphics, when for 25 years they’ve always had lower end graphics…

  • MuffinMeisser

    Unpopular opinion but the screenshot is Cherry-picking. The game hasn’t come out yet. We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

  • 23SuicidalPolarbears

    this is such an interesting topic tbh
    x and y were, in my opinion, really not good looking.
    coming from black and white to a full 3d world with diagonal movement felt and looked really jank.
    they figured out how to do it better in oras and perfected it in sun and moon.
    sun and moon (and ultra sequels) are games i personally dont like very much, but on a technical level they are quite impressive on a device like the 3ds.

    i actually consider the jump from that to sword and shield to be a way bigger downgrade than the one we are seeing from sw/sh to legends tbh (and i think thats something we collectively ignore) but bacl to the topic…

    sword and shield had obvious problems in a graphic sense. from wierd textures, to strange proportioned character models and THAT tree.
    these things obviously took a lot of work, even fucking up to a degree is a lot of work, so many other things in swsh were lets say ‘minimalistic’.
    so the most straightforward way to adress problems with the actual game is to cut corners on the graphic side to improve in other areas.
    im gonna be honest here: if a slight graphic downgrade (it really doesnt seem worse than swsh imo) gets me a game where i can return to explore again, have fun again, then its fine by me. because exploration is the one thing that the last pokemon games just didnt have and thats what made them a lot worse. not mediocre graphics

  • Quiet_Ninja27

    Oh man. I didn’t know that graphic snobs existed for consoles. Terrible graphics on a device not known for its impressive visual capabilities from a franchise also not known for impressive graphics. How strange…

  • Kola18_97

    Gamefreak can get away with being talentless hacks because they know people will buy anything they produce, it’s been like that for a while.

  • Barrry972

    I like how you didn’t use *that* infamous swsh screenshot that everyone uses to roast it and instead picked one of the better looking ones. Cherry picking.

  • bunkSauce

    This is misinformation about the game. Seriously.

    Go look at r/pokeleaks. This is an emulator, and not capturing in game graphics of an actual switch.

    The sub I mentioned shows many captures of much higher quality.

    [EDIT]: I am not interested in debating whether: the game is good or bad, the graphics are up to modern 3D open world standards. This screenshot is not repesntative, and before you disagree, visit the sub and browse.

  • Balrog229

    “That’s not an accurate screenshot!”

    It’s not far off. Literally all of the promotional material we’ve seen looks like shit. The reveal trailer even had frame rate drops

  • TheBurningCube

    Good job on picking the worst image with the worst graphics, I mean there were better ones, but you had to pick the worst one for your post

  • Lipefe2018

    Is this the same situation as before where people farm karma bashing on the game by using the same picture over and over again in their posts? You know like the “tree image” from Sword and Shield. lol

  • superyoshiom

    Things will never get better if people continue adopting the “it’s fine because I like it, just let people enjoy things” mentality.

    Maybe GF should just go back to 2D games. BW2 was incredible.

  • iwerson2

    Nintendo as a whole needs a wake up call. They got some of the best exclusives but certain studios are shitting out lala land rainbow adventures difficulty and theme and shilling beloved franchises. Jfc.

  • xiren_66

    Yeah that’s pretty clearly not even the real game ffs… literally every trailer looks a thousand times better than this. This looks like an out of bounds area in early WoW. It looks only partially loaded.

  • Se_renshi

    Having put 20 hours into the game since yesterday I can say its for sure not that pretty looking and it actually makes it a bit hard to see some of the pokemon sometimes as they blend with the area.
    BUT the game is fun as heck and I’m really enjoying my time with it. Just feels like a nice fresh breath of air. Entering combat is seemless, evolving can be done manually now instead of forceful occurring after level up. You can change the moves of your pokemon anytime. Exploring the area and completing pokedex tasks feel pretty fun too. I’d give it 9/10 just docking a point for textures and the basically forced 1 hour tutorial.
    A game doesn’t need crazy graphics to be a good game, y’all need to chill out a bit and enjoy yourselves.


    Pokemon fans and their copium. The actual game may not look like this but it’s still not good. The Pokemon devs have been fucking their fan base in the ass for years now (black and white were the last good ones imo) and people are still defending the series

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