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After yesterdays Nintendo Direct this is how it feels for some of us

After yesterdays Nintendo Direct this is how it feels for some of us

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  • FierceMajoras

    Why do zelda fans always act like they are in a horrible drought. There’s literally a huge game coming soon. We get a game like every year.

  • nyxyre

    Nintendo admitted that they don’t really know what to do with F-Zero anymore. It’s plausible that they’ve concluded how far they wanted to go.

  • EarthDragon2189

    Zelda fans are getting a new game this year and they got two re-releases over the last couple years. They aren’t suffering in any capacity.

  • A_the_Nobody

    You mean F-Zero and Pikmin fans.

    Last thing we got of StarFox was Starfox 2.

    And the last thing we got of Pikmin was Pikmin 3 deluxe. I already had Pikmin 3 since freaking launch!

    And I want more F-Zero!

    And Zelda fans should go eat dirt. They have, like, a ¼ of the franchise games available on Switch and they’re crying about “botw 2”?

    They’re as whiny as FE fans.

  • kyuuish

    On the other side it make sense that there was no Zelda news as the direct was about the first half of the year. BOTW2 is probably gonna release closer to winter

  • LiquidCringe2

    Zelda fans are absolutely not in need of anything considering we’re getting one of the best looking games in the series later this year.

    I also no longer expect anything from F-Zero since they’ve said they won’t make one unless they have a unique idea for the game.

  • Philcycles84

    Loads of comments on here saying that Zelda fans have nothing to worry about due to BOTW 2 getting released this year (potentially). This is fair, snd as a fellow Zelda fan, I’m counting the days to the release myself.


    To release the force awakens from the Wii, whilst ignoring 2 of the best Zeldas already released in HD on the Wii U, seems like a bit of a misstep to me

  • KairiZero

    I am so let down as a massive F-Zero fan 🙁 Been waiting since GX for a new mainline entry into the series, and every direct I hope for some news on one. Unfortunately, there was a quote flying around that they couldn’t find anything to add to the franchise to warrant bringing it back, which is I assume why Waverace also languishes in limbo alongside F-Zero 🙁 All I would need is a track editor, customisation in terms of parts to build your own machine, and a livery editor of sorts and I would be more than happy with it 🙁

  • sj4iy

    Zelda and Xenoblade are two of my favorite franchises, but I don’t need another trailer for BotW2 unless it has a release date. Xenoblade 3 has been rumored for a long time and they had a release date. I’ll take that over another vague BotW2 trailer.

  • Animorphimagi

    The turnaround from first trailer to release on 99% of Nintendo games recently is like 9 months max. Meanwhile Zelda and
    Bayo fell into a cthonic black hole for no apparent reason

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