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25+ Year game dev veteran explains NFTs, Blockchain games, and Play to earn.

25+ Year game dev veteran explains NFTs, Blockchain games, and Play to earn.

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  • TheDevilChicken

    Anyone else commented on “The Problem with NFTs” video and started getting spam about ‘offers’ to get into play-to-earn scams?

  • Gerfervonbob

    This was said in the YouTube comments of the video that’s worth re-posting here:

    >Another point when it comes to play-to-earn: the pyramid scheme only works as long as there’s new people that want to buy into the game at some point there’s no people left that want to play and the demand for these NFTs tanks and as a result their prices will drop and become worthless.

    It’s not hyperbole, play-to-earn is a scam. Fortunately, I’ve seen more people against it than for it. Unfortunately, most people I hear that are for it are C class executives within the gaming industry. Not designers and artists within the industry itself, that should tell you something.

  • jugglingeek

    It should be obvious to anyone. If the thing you are buying and selling **only has value** because you can sell it to someone else for more than you bought it for. It’s a bigger fools scam.

  • Sir_Bantersaurus

    I guess it’s *always* been the case but there is so much ugliness in the popularity of exploitative behaviour on the internet now.

    NFTs are – to me – a massive scam but it’s a scam willingly hyped up by companies and ‘influencers’ to exploit their customers and fans.

  • zero_cool09

    Seems like everything in this world is being monetized and we are squeezing every portion of society. It’s exhausting and sad.

  • JohnDivney

    Seems like the TL;DR here is that people are using the fig leaf of “blockchain” to create a business model that is the classic “gold farming” with all of the gameplay and game community stripped out entirely.

    The hook relies on middle class young people who will be drawn to the appeal of blockchain real-money earning through a model they already cherish–gaming. These people will jump in on any game that they feel isn’t a “waste of time” because they earn real money, like a mechanical turk type deal, but the game will just be a quick bubble of users paying *the developer* (much like just ordinarily buying a game) money they can cash out with regardless of whether a real-money outcome is provided to the users.

  • fabricated_anecdotes

    Even games where you can buy currency with real money become unbalanced very quickly. Imagine that but cumulative across all games forever! How would any new gamer ever have a chance?

  • RiRoRa

    I’ve always felt like people arguing about cross-game NFT’s really don’t understand how games are made. Glad to hear a developer confirm it. “I could just take my item from X game and use it in Y” is such a misguided thought on basically every level imaginable.

  • MulletPower

    If anyone wants to watch another recent video on this topic, check out Folding Idea’s video:

    He spends a decent portion of it talking about Play to Earn and NFTs in gaming. While also going over the inherent flaws in Crypto and NFTs as a whole. It’s a long watch but VERY much worth your time.

  • weggles

    Modern games are such time sucks that create this artificial sense of obligation that people forget why they play in the first place and instead want to be monetarily rewarded for playing.

  • iDuskk

    I dont really fuck with crypto and NFT shit, but the idea of owning/selling digital game assets is a good idea imo. It would be amazing to be able to sell my old fortnite skins, or hearthstone cards. Gamers spend alot of money on digital assets, it would be really nice to be able to actually own them and sell them.

    I dont understand why crypto and NFTs need to be involved at all though. Thats the part that always confuses me. Seems like it just complicates the whole deal when I could simply sell something for fiat money.

  • RedditIsRealWack

    Is there a single blockchain linked product/technology that can’t be done better by just removing the blockchain aspect and going for the standard server-client model?

    I think in 10+ years of Bitcoin, I’ve not seen one.

    Cryptobros just attempt to shove blockchain into absolutely everything. But given that it costs money to write to the blockchain, all that really means is they’re just making everything cost money..

    Money that goes into their pockets, conveniently.

    Fuck off, cyptobros. Stop trying to make blocklchain/Bitcoin/crypto in general a thing. I’m not keen on having to hand you money to do everything I want to do, you absolute grifters.

    Crypto is at 10+ years now, with no ‘killer app’, or any real world adoption.

    Give up.

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