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10 Stunts I Backed Out Of… | Steve-O

10 Stunts I Backed Out Of… | Steve-O

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  • coreyneil

    Never was really my type of humour so I don’t know the cast that well but respect the hell out of this guy for overcoming his demons and being so positive and helpful to those around him. Truly a great man and they’re all lucky to be friends with him.

  • Steven_Seagull815

    Steve-O’s content on his youtube channel is always good and he seems like such a positive, cool dude. My favorite of his is when he does a rundown with videos of all the drugs he took. Amazing that he’s still alive. And holy shit does his voice just gets raspier with age XD.

  • _Kaotik

    I love Steve-O, and I’m extremely proud and happy for him getting help with his addiction. He’s always seemed like someone who would help anyone if he was able.

    Unrelated note, he kinda looks and sounds like a knock off Angry Video Game Nerd. Just realized this today.

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