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Your dreams when you hit ‘snooze’

Your dreams when you hit ‘snooze’

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  • gradeahonky

    If you want to separate yourself from Pixar’s Inside Out (which is a premise that should not be exclusive to that movie) you need to distinguish yourself. The snooze is a funny gag but not enough.

    It’s the snooze dream itself that needs either more relatability or more specificity. Either make it a snooze-specific dream that people relate to (short, non-REM dreams have less plot and more immediate atmosphere) OR make it a dream that reveals details about the dreamer. Instead of trying to make the dream relatable, it’s actually an excuse to reveal an interesting personality.

    But you just can’t catch the inherent wackiness of a dream without an agenda. The true feeling of a dream is beyond any art form, but it can be used as a *tool* to help tell a story.

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