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Wingsuit off a cliff in Norway

Wingsuit off a cliff in Norway

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  • [deleted]

    This would be a lot safer if this person were vaxxin8d. That’s literally the only way to be a healthy person. Until we strap down every single being and inject them forcefully with juice, not even the boosted people will be safe

  • NUMBERS2357

    Does it take a lot of force to keep your arms forward and away from your body, as opposed to by your sides (where I imagine the wingsuit wouldn’t have as much surface area and so not as much lift)?

  • MassSpecFella

    People are just made different. I went zip lining and there’s a point where you have to jump off a ledge and the mechanism picks up tension a second after you fall. It took everything in me to jump off a ledge and trust I would be ok. It was so hard to convince my brain to jump. My brain is like NOPE you will die don’t do it. How people can do this kind of thing especially knowing how many die doing it. It’s crazy.

  • 5degreenegativerake

    Checks to make sure parachute is still there.

    Checks to make sure parachute is still there AGAIN.

    Ok, now I can jump.

  • robxburninator

    These have unfortunately (along with BASE jumping) been the cause of death of many, many, many of the small community that uses them. It’s really sad because a of deaths were amongst very prominent outdoorsmen/women. But it does look really fun.

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