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Why Miners Risk Their Lives To Get Sulfur From An Active Volcano

Why Miners Risk Their Lives To Get Sulfur From An Active Volcano

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  • MsKimas

    Very sad that they have to earn a measly living this way. Imagine doing this every day for a meal of rice only to get up the next day and do it again. Heartbreaking when you consider the wealth of the industries using the product.


    Ah. Youtube spends days trying to suggest this and look, it’s now posted on reddit. This shit has been reported in the past… There is nothing new.

  • Nisstagea

    What hit me the hardest was when he said “To foreign tourists, working as a sulfur miner is not a job that is respected.”

    I believe any physically demanding job, no matter how big or small, should be highly respected, especially when they risk their health and ultimately their lives to survive.

  • storm1110

    Can’t we have like a Kickstarter or something to get these guys masks? It seems like having masks would make everything infinitely better for them

  • well_hung_stable_boy

    In the 1980s, Freeport-McMoRan built an off shore sulfur mine. At the time it was the largest offshore platform in the world. Main Pass Mine 299, it was about 29 miles offshore from Venice, Louisiana. It was over 1 mile from the sulfur mines to the holding tanks. There was a four story office building that also was sleeping quarters. They put over a billion dollars into this operation. It closed in 1992 as the demand and price for sulfur fell.

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