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Why is this so good …haha

Why is this so good …haha

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  • Saul_Puffman

    You don’t KNOW furry wars. “Genocide of the furries is the only Genocide I condone” was THE Facebook resistance. I guided scouts through their groups, their discords, their TikToks. They did the same. Many groups were conquered, alliances made, friends made enemies.

    But through the ashes we were zucced. Not by our enemies (reporting is the most greatest of sins) but by me, kicking too many hornet’s nests, and too many degenerate furries.

    I came out unscathed like I always do, 43 bans on the same account. RIP group. But ventured off here. A desolate wasteland of retardation, and I thirst for war.

    Brothers, the furry degenerate sentiment grows. We can not kill an idea, but he who makes a beast of himself, gets rid of the pain of being a man. Their fursonas must be eliminated

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