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Why am I doing this to me?

Why am I doing this to me?

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  • Nearby-Ad5092

    For the thrill!
    For the excitement!
    For not sleeping of the night because you’re scared of what’s in the shadows!

  • Particular-Quiet3633

    Exactly that. I’ve seen horrible shit on the internet, not just movies. Yet, I can’t bring myself to play horror video games.

  • Baalwulf06

    I found the Evil Within to be terrifying. The first game that is. It was pretty frightening. And of course the dead Space games.

  • HeraldTheRekter

    Dead Space 1 and 2 are scary, third one is a walk in the park.

    All third person Resident Evil games aren’t scary at all, for first person ones get a bucket or two.

    Outlast 1 is scary due to the lack of movement space and long hallways where quick thinking, reactions and a mind of steel are needed. Outlast 2 is an Assassin’s Creed ripoff.

    Alan Wake games and Blair Witch: 🔦 go brrrr.

    No idea about Silent Hill games tho.

    Tip: Don’t hyperventilate and go take a leak.

  • Username18674

    I’ve played so many horror games over the years that I’m almost completely desensitized to them, and it kind of sucks. I’m at the point where I find the atmosphere comforting in a weird way. I wish I could go back to the days of being scared to go into places in games. Felt a bit of that playing Dreadhalls, so hopefully VR can enhance the genre more down the line.

    Thinking about it, the horror genre is pretty unique in that it’s designed around making you feel a specific emotion that isn’t particularly comfortable. So it’s technically beneficial to become desensitized to it, just not from an entertainment perspective..

  • Damechinponigire

    I’ve beaten RE7 like 3 times so I know all of the puzzles and basically all of the enemy locations.

    Still creeps the fuck out of me.

  • Psycho-nova

    I don’t think I could ever play a horror game where you can’t fight back. Resident evil is fine, outlast is gunna be a no from me chief. A lot of horror games where you can fight back have some sections where you don’t have your weapons and gear so that fucking sucks

  • StarkillerVerumNoir

    I used to do that then RE became something else and Silent Hills went to hell in a different sense so i stoped and im happier this way

  • Sunshine3103

    Opposite way around for me tbh.

    Terrified to start playing horror games and movie, but once I get into it its a vibe.

  • Nihlus-N7

    Remembers me when I bought Soma because I heard the story is very cool… I played for half an hour and then I had to watch someone else play the “no enemies” version on YouTube

  • LonelyKrow

    I tolerated Dead Space, Evil Within 1 and 2 (Evil Within 2 was scarier imo), and Resident Evil 7. I draw the line at Outlast. I don’t know if I could handle something that demanding and intense. Plus I like fighting back, makes it scarier knowing the foe is tough AND draining my resources.

  • denn23rus

    but… is there even one scary game? Usually these are stupid cheap screamers like in Outlast and just dark corridors like in Amnesia…

  • AnonismsPlight

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE horror movies and TV. I absolutely despise horror games. They don’t fill you with dread they just annoy you with jump scares.

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