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White Town – Your Woman

White Town – Your Woman

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  • LexiiConn

    Always loved this song. Loved that it was a guy singing, too. Glad to know other folks like the song, too!

    This line always cracked me up…

    > “…when I saw my best friend yesterday, she said she never liked you from the start…”

    Didn’t know this video existed, though. Thanks for sharing and bringing back memories!

  • Summebride

    Kids today probably think this is a Dua Lipa song. But it was actually ripped from a [1930’s Big Band era song, here]( which was, itself, ripped from a Bing Crosby song with sort of the opposite meaning. That’s why the lyric track uses an old tyme sound cone effect.

    The White Town version was made by a guy in his dorm room with an early home computer.

    Gorillaz and others have had fun with the song. It’s almost like a music version of “The Ring”.

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