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When You Think You Finally Have A Opportunity To Attack A Boss In Elden Ring

When You Think You Finally Have A Opportunity To Attack A Boss In Elden Ring

When You Think You Finally Have A Opportunity To Attack A Boss In Elden Ring from gaming

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  • HideAndSeek369

    So real it’s like they know your every move and yet your mimic is standing to the side just watching….

  • padropadro22

    Can you parry this one? Havent played at all but I remember parrying the shit out of Gwynn in Dark Souls.

  • hollowedoutrectum

    God they really just didn’t give a shit when designing the bosses. Input reading out the wazzu and no down time between their swings.

  • Jayce86

    Why do so many people insist on using holy against the god of the Golden Order? Literally anything is better than having your damage reduced by 80%.

    Also yes, Radagon is cheap AF.

  • Duubzz

    Is it just me or do all the bosses in Elden ring move very similar ways? I’m sure they all have their own mechanics but the actual attacks look pretty similar.

  • Dr_Catfish

    Why I don’t like Elden Ring despite being a huge Dark Souls enjoyer. Every major boss in Elden Ring is just RNG where you hope he doesn’t pull the undodgeable bullshit. Or you hope he doesn’t extend what’s normally a 2 hit combo into a 3 or 4.

    Don’t even get me started on the near split second reaction Arena-wide AOEs.

  • blistergeist

    My motto has become “just let people enjoy things” over the last few years.

    But this? I *just* don’t understand how this is fun.

  • Tracking_Ranger

    Did they fix the ability to cheese this dude yet? When I beat the game you could make him stand there and do nothing until he died lol.

  • OfClanMacLeod

    Dual wield great hammers and jump attack to perma stun him, add fire buffs for more damage. No hitted him on my first char running this build, then realised he was not always that easy on subsequent playthroughs aha

  • HallionOne

    I deleted the game the instant i encountered the godskin duo. I’d rather waste my time playing all dark souls games over and over again before installing this unbalanced garbage ever again.

  • alext06

    How did you get this far in the game without learning that you need to attack DURING their combos? You’ve got to be aggressive, there are openings, they’re just not dodge 3 attacks and then wail on em. That’s an honest question by the way, I wouldn’t have been able to beat Morgot without learning that.

  • Leonydas13

    Downvotes here we come, but I’m gonna say something controversial here:

    Elden Ring is way overhyped. Yeah it *looks* great, but it’s gameplay looks so god damn monotonous and tedious.

  • Zakkull117

    I literally jsut gave up on the final boss fight in elden ring. Too much purely unavoidable damage. Its like they were trying to troll us at that point. Putting in moves you literally cannot dodge or avoid in any way shape or form. Your best bet is rolling just right to mitigate the majority of damage. Such a fucking pathetic show by fromsoft. Most bosses in that game were just pure bullshit and zero skill.

  • Csub

    I loved the game but the bosses were the weakest part for me, they constantly spam shit, fly or teleport away, etc.

  • ForrestFBaby

    People pitching a fit about how the bosses give you no windows are some of the most dramatic babies. What you’re seeing here is bad RNG mixed with terrible capitalizing on the windows, bad spacing and a classic case of panic rolling.

    Radagon, and every souls boss ever, has a handful of moves based on distances you are at, and instead of just resetting, the player in the clip misses the windows to punish (the initial teleport into thrust, the player over rolls and then commits hard instead of resetting), they stay in the range where he will do his combos. If you stay all the way in, he’s more likely to stomp and do AOE stuff, if you stay out, he will teleport to you or throw his holy missiles.

    Here, the player just keeps bumrushing in, dealing with attacks poorly and it looks a lot worse than it actually is in the fight, but, yeah, this is also just bad RNG. Once, when playing Dark Souls 3, I got the tracking Aldritch arrow storm 4 times in a row and could never get in on him, and it sucks, but it happens. Next time it probably won’t.

    Elden Ring punishes people for being too greedy, and instead of adapting the playstyle that has been rewarded in every dark souls game, INCLUDING THIS GAME BTW, people have decided to circle jerk about how it’s impossible to capitalize on the windows. It’s not impossible, you just do it badly lol

  • ImaqineWaqons

    This is why I don’t want elden ring. It’s more of personal space simulator than anything and that’s not the type of game I enjoy.

  • lovepuppy31

    So just like the other souls bourne games before it, it boils down to roll simulator get out of jail free pass until you get the boss timing right?

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