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When You Stop Consuming Media For 1 Second

When You Stop Consuming Media For 1 Second

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  • GGorchitsa

    My brain is rot.
    I needed to edit a video yesterday and i legit tried, for like 2 minutes, to edit the video with a youtube video of Jenny Nicholson talking about the Avatar theme park playing in the background at half volume.

    How the fuck did i ever manage to even read a book or learn a skill is beyond me.

  • unmondeparfait

    One, we don’t do it because we’re not thinking independently, we do it because we’ve ruined the Earth and society is falling apart.

    Two, this video turned out to be a weak-ass “both sides” argument in the end. Weird, because I experience the exact opposite; The more I pay attention, the more I understand the building religious fatwa in the United States.

    Indeed, I watch movies and listen to podcasts because it distracts me from the constant, ongoing realization of how evil the ‘other side’ has become. Don’t equate “thinking independently” with “Have you considered that we should eliminate voting and make homosexuality a crime again? No? Sounds like someone isn’t very open-minded”.

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