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When a fan made game (Sonic Utopia) looks so much better by keepings its recognisable art style rather than mismatch of realistic environments with cartoon character.

When a fan made game (Sonic Utopia) looks so much better by keepings its recognisable art style rather than mismatch of realistic environments with cartoon character.

When a fan made game (Sonic Utopia) looks so much better by keepings its recognisable art style rather than mismatch of realistic environments with cartoon character. from gaming

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  • IdealIdeas

    The grass needs a bit of a gradient between the light and dark colors and/or have the colors thicker so it strobes less so its less of an epilepsy issue.

  • Windebieste_Ultima

    Gotta say you’re coping hard. If you want an actual comparison use sonic mania (it started as fan made) or project06.

  • Exelbirth

    Nope, this definitely does not look better. Makes me nauseous, and I don’t typically suffer from motion sickness inducing things.

  • HaikusfromBuddha

    I think frontiers and this both highlight the issues of just planting Sonic in open world is. For one, no navigation makes the game difficult to know where to go. There is no hand rails. Remember the old SA games where you would just fly off and die in a chasm. I see this happening all the time. Miss a lot of rails. You need better control of your speed imo for open world to work.

  • LegendOfParasiteMana

    First off, this is old as s***. Second, when you say keeping its recognizable art style, are you referring to Sonic 1 from 1991? Basically every Sonic game after the Genesis has had a different art style. And most of them had weird giant animal characters in New York City.

  • Barrry972

    Looks so much better? Don’t get me wrong this ain’t complete dogshit, but it doesn’t at all look better.

  • NeraX96

    The environments aren’t the problem of sonic games it’s always been about the weird gameplay decisions and cringe

  • DroppedAxes

    I would take modern sonic over this mess lol. The 2D environment of SEGA sonic games were amazing and used design philosophies very well. Here we have someones arguably great deal of effort to convert that to 3D but unfortunately does not pass quality control. Whether its the green bands giving me a headache or the FOV making sonic seem like an ant, this is a great example of how 2D does not always translate well to 3D. The amount of visual noise present in this is insane.

  • funny_haha

    Honestly just the demo for this game is in my favorite games of all time list, and im not even a sonic fan.

  • ponyboi_curtis

    TBH, I dig the artstyle of Sonic ’06, etc. I feel like the anachronistic placement of Sonic and his friends into an otherwise regular ass world is apart of his identity at this point.

  • 01is

    I agree that it’s weird seeing Sonic running around an otherwise photorealistic environment, but I’d choose it over this. For starters this is so bland, just the same few simple textures repeating endlessly. Plus these textures were created for a 2D environment where Sonic moved much slower, having them fly at the camera makes the ground look like it’s flashing, which is hard on the eyes.

    Green Hill Zone from Sonic 1 may be the widely recognizable level, but I doubt even classic Sonic purists will say it’s where the franchise peaked aesthetically. So why copy that game’s art style when Sonic had evolved significantly for the better even by just Sonic 2?

  • mokujin42

    Eh this is cool but sonic adventure 1 and 2 already did it better

    Green Hill zone is literally a secret level on sonic adventure 2 already

  • DevastaTheSeeker

    What? The first sonic game that actually looks good in years and you’re complaining and saying “fan did it better”?

  • Khalmoon

    “New”Graphics aren’t even impressive to me. Having a STYLE is what is impressive. Sure sometimes it fits for the game’s aesthetic, but for Sonic, the environments have always been super bright, and vibrant. Frontiers almost looks generic unreal engine environments with Sonic Assets

  • Mingismungis

    I like the concept generally, but disagree completely that this looks better. This looks like a fun game that could have come out 20 years ago, but not even close to better than the recently released gameplay. It isn’t the environment that is the problem there in my opinion, it is the overall jank in the movement and combat and everything else. It’s like your looking at a game from the 2020s with the mechanics of a 20 year old game

  • Carzardor

    When the level just opened up and there was dufferent ramps leading fod now where my heart raced. The next second I thought, this is what 3d sonic could have looked like and played like? I feel cheated.

  • King_77

    I never liked the “realistic environments” and human NPC characters in the 3D sonic games just never fit in this looks awesome

  • blank_slate_000

    Sonic’s 3D gameplay should honestly take a cue from racing games like Burnout Paradise or Forza Horizon. Use the triggers to accelerate and be able to drift around turns. I mean he’s basically just a car as a humanoid character model.

  • DI0nysOO2

    Literally every sonic 3d game has a different art style. What are you on about? It’s just the way they wanna make the game look and feel

  • Zed_NotZee

    This is a great proof of concept, but I feel like there’s a better middle ground to find between this and the more realistic style environments.

    If it were me I might look to LoZ Wind Waker for some inspiration on style.

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