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What’s an old game that you just played that blew you away?

What’s an old game that you just played that blew you away?

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  • Drew8898

    I started the year off by playing Legend of Dragoon on the original Playstation. I wish that game got an HD remaster or remake. such a quality experience.

  • katelyn912

    Despite being a big FF fan I only just got around to playing IX last year and it blew me away. The music, art design, characters and story were all incredible.

  • Paper_bag_Paladin

    Baldurs gate 1 and 2. The enhanced editions are really good, and the gameplay actually holds up pretty well even now. The writing is also quite good, and I was pretty engaged the whole time.

    10/10 would kick butt for goodness again.

  • Videowulff

    Every year from Sept to Oct, I stream horror/horror adjacent games and I tend to try and hunt down older titles I missed out on. I usually play one game I have played before, and the rest new ones.

    This year I played The Suffering, SAW, Fran Bow, Tormentum, but the one I was most curious about was;

    Parasite Eve (ps1). I owned this game for quite some time but had a scratched disc. So i never got very far into it. Luckily, for this year I was able to rip the game to my PC and finally play the whole thing for my Stream.

    What an experience! This is one of the coolest and most unique horror combat experiences I have ever had! I loved how they altered the whole idea of Turn Based Combat to give us a menu style combat that is still real time and where moving and dodging actually matters.

    The story is surreal and absolutely insane. The enemies are creative and fun. The characters all have wonderful personalities..

    Just a damn good game!

  • hardy_83


    First game that blew me away story wise, from the opera scene to Cyans story to a character LITERALLY trying to commit suicide.

    Also some nods to Earthbound for such an uplifting colourful world with some serious dark themes underneath.

    Also Mario Galaxy for giving me a bigger “wow” than Mario 64 did when it came out.

  • UnclothedSecret

    Final Fantasy Tactics.

    Specifically, having an unlockable set of job classes and giving the player a lot of freedom regarding how your team is created and what skills were equipped. Every time I unlocked a new class I had to reevaluate my entire roster, and I loved it.

    Also the story is nuts.

  • Fenzillo

    I just played through Chrono Trigger for the first time, after years of always hearing that it’s one of the best RPG’s ever. Holy shit, it definitely lived up to that hype. Everything in that game just clicked and was done so well! Great story and characters, battles were almost always engaging, wasn’t too hard to where you have to grind, and is very well paced.

    I adored it, up there as one of my all-time favorites.

  • hamzer55

    Pokémon silver, when you defeat the elite four the whole mango map gets unlocked, it’s essentially 2 games in 1 plus the ending when you fight Pokémon trainer red just blew my mind

  • goober36

    Skies of Arcadia (GameCube release), it’s what got me into RPG’s as a kid and I’m always disappointed when I don’t see it mentioned in Reddit threads like this. I’m not sure if it was missed or just forgotten about by others.

  • TheSoulCapt

    I’m literally just starting Chrono Trigger for the first time. 90’s guy. Music is out of this world, I can’t imagine how insane this game was for its time

  • bnesbitt1

    It’s not THAT old, but Deus Ex blew me away in terms of gameplay

    I played Deus Ex: Human Revolution first, so I lowered my expectations for the first game.

    So when I started the game and went through the tutorial, I thought so much shit was so cool

    The ICE Breaker, the story, the aiming system, the menus, and the dialouge made me love the shit outta the game.

  • MinasTirith8

    I honesty didn’t expect it’d be that good. I thought it’d be decent, but buggy. I was wrong.
    The game’s a masterpiece and almost no bugs! It’s so clean, smooth and polished for 2003.

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