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What makes breath of the wild such a good game?

What makes breath of the wild such a good game?

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  • SilentThunder-00

    It is basically a sandbox game with an easy to understand engine and mechanics.

    There is a plot there but buried in the memories and exploration.

    This made it incredibly unique for Nintendo games.

  • AngryRinger

    It went back to the series roots while also respecting where the series was at the time. An open world, yours to explore. There’s not path to follow but the one you carve. Monsters to slay and secrets to find. You’re not being taken on a tour of the world, you’re a part of it. And you’re part of it through Link. A story you make, a world you make your own. But, in the background, the story of what was before. Of Link’s failure without the player. What YOU need to bring back. It keeps you invested. Keeps you in the world. And that is what makes BotW a masterpiece

  • Epic_DVB

    It’s basically a return to form for Zelda while also something completely new for the franchise. It took the open free roam aspect of the original Zelda and took it to the next level by letting you climb mountains and glide through the skies.

    While the combat and story is often criticised, it does the exploration aspect pretty well imo as you’re given options what to do, you can either go straight to the final boss or you can just go off and explore and see what you can find. It’s far from a perfect game but still a good game nonetheless because of such freedom.

  • NotANewIP

    Before the game launched, there was an interview with Miyamoto (I think) where he said something along the lines of, “Look as far out as you can. Everything you see, you can touch.” And that blew my mind.

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