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What do you guys think of the 3 highest rated games of all time?

What do you guys think of the 3 highest rated games of all time?

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  • burnttoast14

    In a way They’re all iconic and set the bar for the way we play games today

    But gta4 shouldnt be scored that that high imo

  • Hanzo_The_Ninja

    Personally I don’t think these are the best games of all time or even the best games in their respective series. But these were either innovative or breakthrough games when they released, which I think explains the high scores.

  • Giovannis_Pikachu

    Ocarina of time introduced a lot of young people who didn’t play an instrument to the idea that you can play if you set your mind to it. The music in this game is always great practice material because it is so well written and conveys a ton of depth of emotion and atmosphere that just overshadowed most other game music to me. I am a guitar player of 17 years now and this music stands the test of time as truly the most relatable and effective as a gateway to the very power of the craft. My sense of melody I owe to this game more than most. Damn I love this game!

  • LiquidCringe2

    Very random

    Yeah they’re all great and I think Ocarina of Time deserves the spot but I really don’t think THPS 2 and GTA 4 are THAT good.

    They’re definitely great but probably not the best games of all time

  • Lol_A_White_Guy

    Well, personally I think Windwaker was a better game than Ocarina of Time, but that’s a bit of a hot take anyways.

    Not sure I agree with any of the three up here. I personally woulda probably put the Witcher 3 up there somewhere to, definitely at least above GTA.

    But I get why they’re up here, they were innovative and revolutionary at the time and a lot of people have a lot of good memories with them.

  • Jason_dawg

    Oot is great, fun, great music, nice length.

    Tony hawk games are fun but not something I’d rate super highly

    Gta4 felt clunky to play but I always enjoyed the storylines of the 3D gta games and gta4 had a really good storyline.

  • spacecadetjimmy

    GTA IV is superior to GTA V. The water physics, climbing on ledges, the driving is much more realistic…I wish they weren’t sliding towards all-out cartoonish gameplay but that’s where they’re headed. That should be Saints Row territory.

    The story is fantastic in IV though.

  • Law456

    I know it might not ever be considered top 3 or even top 10 in some peoples lists, but in my opinion, BioShock deserves just as much praise as any video game out there. The atmosphere and setting in Rapture was way ahead of its time.

  • chronoboy1985

    No problem with any of these. Even though some of them haven’t aged super well, for their time, each was a masterpiece.

  • therealRustyZA

    Ocarina is why my favorite genre is RPG. I sell my consoles when I upgrade. But i still have my N64 and ocarina cartridge.

  • JmeMc

    I’m ok with Zelda (not my fav, but it’s fine).

    Shocked at Tony Hawk and GTAIV. I didn’t play Tony Hawk, so no comment. There are a handful of GTA games better than 4, though.

  • ZVR345

    Unpopular opinion: GTA 4 is better than San Andreas. No not just because the graphics were better and was one of the first games to come out for the PS3, the mechanics of the game were so were spectacular along with the story. Niko Bellic has gotta be one of the best protagonists to play as.

  • northraider123

    Not surprised at all ocarina of time is number 1 but genuinely shocked at numbers 2 and 3. Both great games without doubt but I’d have guess a lot of different things before I’d get to Tony hawk or gta

  • DushyantKhator

    Gta 4 is always under appreciated because of many people not understanding what it was supposed to be. It was actually designed for adults, kids would definitely hate simulator like driving and physics. If you played it when you were young and didn’t like it, try it now…. you’ll f’in love it.

  • Cmillzy

    Lotta nostalgia bias in these. OoT fits. I love Tony Hawk, but cmon. GTA I get, but not that game and I would argue not that title from Rockstar should be up there. I’ll include some that would go on my list for consideration. Resident Evil 2 OG, The Witcher 3, Red Dead Redemption, Final Fantasy 7, Super Mario World, Half-life 2, TLOU, Fallout New Vegas, Elder Scrolls Morrowind, Pokémon Red/Blue, Metroid, Uncharted 2. Again, these are opinions and would require heavy deliberation on what goes where.

  • Ecstatic_Interest_35

    In fact, I haven’t played both games (the legend of Zelda and Tony’s pro skater 2), and I can’t rate

    but as for GTA 4, it’s such a well-developed game of physics, shooting, details, good reaction of police officers and people, good artificial intelligence and a lot of things GTA 4 boasts about, the game deserves attention + added 2 additions, if you didn’t like the dullness and depression of GTA 4, you can play what happens in the ballad of gay Tony, my assessment of the game to GTA 4 is 9.5/10.

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