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Volcanic Eruption May Be Biggest Ever Seen From Space.

Volcanic Eruption May Be Biggest Ever Seen From Space.

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  • Snugglosaurus

    That was a really great video. I really appreciate how he explained where he got some of the info from. The only thing I’d love to see is links to all the info he shared in the video description so we can check out the data ourselves!

  • astroNerf

    When I first heard about the eruption, I immediately thought, “Scott Manley will likely do a great video on this.” The commenters on Youtube are right—this is much more informative and interesting than what we typically get from news outlets.

  • SmoothPlantain3234

    If this debris cloud went up 50k into the air, does that mean any commercial airplane flying in the area would have been wiped out right? Or can a normal plane fly thru something like this?

    I haven’t heard anything regarding plane crashes so I assume nobody was hurt by it right?

  • goodoldshane

    So sound is measure in dB and because sound is a vibration that compresses and contracts it is able to affect how light travels through the air molecules. Very similar to how when you light a candle or some type of fire you can see that how the heat is affecting the air molecules around it.

    So, the eruption produced a vibration at such a high dB that it causes a distortion in the air molecules surrounding the volcano for several hundred miles. What’s awesome about this video is at 2:26 you can actually see what I believe to be two compressions and contraction when the wave is ground across the clouds. So, if you had a reference point from the volcano and were able to approximately measure between the two compressions you could actually figure out the frequency of that sound. Though it’s going to be a very low frequency because of the sheer size of the soundwave.

  • VAG0

    Living on the West Coast of the US in the greater Los Angeles area I am taking stock of all my earthquake supplies. I feel like the magnitude of this event is gonna trigger tectonic movement. I just feel uneasy I guess. Hope I’m wrong.

  • witwiki50

    I’m not really intelligent enough to know too much of the science of it all, but one of the first things I could think of when seeing this is that it really puts into perspective what a impact on the world a meteor strike would have just by seeing this.

  • JCDU

    Can we take a moment to appreciate the awesomeness of modern technology that within a day or two of this happening, someone on the internet on the other side of the world has compiled an excellent video with fantastic satellite images and other data for our enjoyment?

    We’re living in the future!

  • Chicken-n-Waffles

    I’m curious about the flat earth perspective on this eruption. It’s something that can be proved it happened but in their mind, clearly, all of these are faked so is the real event just industrial spoke in the air?

  • coasterreal

    Also remember, this is a submarine volcano. This blast didn’t start above the surface of the water, it was just below. So it had to have enough power to move a SHITLOAD of salt water before throwing itself into the atmosphere.

  • KnauticalKnightmare

    I live in American Samoa, less than 600 miles from Tonga, and for such a monumental event I feel lucky I only experienced a few small pops and waves.

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