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Visual Recap of 3 years of Xbox Series Games

Visual Recap of 3 years of Xbox Series Games

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  • baiisun

    ✅ 35 exclusive games

    ✅ 9 1st parties

    ✅ 3 2nd-3rd parties

    ✅ 23 indies

    To note:

    – Exclusivity is considered only if a game stayed a console exclusive (apart from Xbox One) for at least 6 months.

    – Were not included remasters and collections.

    – Total avg score: 76.6

    – Avg 1st parties score: 82.8

    – Avg 2n parties score: 83

    – Avg indies score: 72.6

  • Next_Marionberry_745

    The five best imo:

    * Ori and the Will of the Wisps
    * Pentiment
    * Psychonauts 2
    * Hi-Fi Rush
    * Forza Horizon 5

    These are some of the best experiences I had in gaming since 2020 probably.

    Xbox delivered one of the best metroidvanias ever made in Ori.

    Pentiment narrative makes some games look like they aren’t even trying, this game story is up there with the likes of disco elysium, planescape torment, silent hill 2, kentucky route zero… Josh Sawyer is one of the best creative game director, he makes only bangers and stories that feel mature in some way, like he’s trying to tell us something and make us question morality (the fouro games he directed were fallout new vegas, pillars of eternity, deadfire and pentiment).

    A creative 3D platformer that actually makes you think and tells a great story in Psychonauts 2.

    Hi-Fi Rush goes straight into the goat category of character action-driven games, shit like metal gear solid revengeance, old god of war games, bayonettas and devil may cry series.

    Horizon is still the king of openworld fun on the go racing games, beautiful vistas, so many cars, pick a car and go racing, so much variety…

  • Embarrassed-Depth-72

    Next year will be the year of Xbox. period

    I have both XSX and PS5. But let’s be honest, xbox doesn’t know how to manage studios

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