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UCLA pulls out of Holiday Bowl 5 hrs before kickoff

UCLA pulls out of Holiday Bowl 5 hrs before kickoff

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  • KaptainKhorisma

    Fucking 5 hours before kickoff? I’d be FUMING if I were the other team.

    Edit: This goes without saying but covid protocols should be observed but this seems like something perhaps the school could’ve concluded before travel.

  • dethegreat

    If this isn’t a forfeit it should be.

    Normally I wouldn’t have any issue here. No harm, no foul. The problem here is that with this little notice, there is definitely harm. If UCLA was having COVID issues, they should have pulled out days ago and saved everyone the trouble. At this point, they look like they’re taking advantage of the situation to avoid being run off the field by NC State.

  • Bigolcrittys

    From ESPN Article: Bowl Season executive director Nick Carparelli, in a text message to ESPN, said the Bruins’ cancelation was due to COVID-19 protocols. “UCLA’s statement makes it very clear that their inability to play was due to the protocols in place and not the virus itself,” – dude what? call a spade a spade, UCLA and whoever was overseeing this bowl fucked up

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