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Twin Movies – Dead Man’s Curve vs Dead Man on Campus (1998)

Twin Movies – Dead Man’s Curve vs Dead Man on Campus (1998)

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  • Custodiandroid

    The Kurt Cobain roommate in **Dead Man on Campus** cracks me up every time.

    I tried to look on google image search for a screencap of this character but couldn’t find one. If someone could snap a picture of Buckley’s first scene where he was wearing that yellow flannel shirt over the Kurt t-shirt where he was saying that Kurt Cobain was alive, I may have a good story to tell about it.

  • Frosty-Tension484

    Dead Man’s Curv, or the Curve as was finally called was an underrated flick. One of the handful of performances by Matthew Lillard that wasn’t horrible.

  • Snoo-68474

    I remember renting the Curve when it first came out and liking it but not remembering much about it. Dead Man On Campus is one of my favorite comedies and I recommend it to everyone.

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