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Tony Romo talks candidly about making the greatest play of his career in the final moments of the 2014 NFC Divisional Playoff game against the Green Bay Packers, only for the referees to take it away. Three years later, the league would officially state that Dez caught it.

Tony Romo talks candidly about making the greatest play of his career in the final moments of the 2014 NFC Divisional Playoff game against the Green Bay Packers, only for the referees to take it away. Three years later, the league would officially state that Dez caught it.

Tony Romo talks candidly about making the greatest play of his career in the final moments of the 2014 NFC Divisional Playoff game against the Green Bay Packers, only for the referees to take it away. Three years later, the league would officially state that Dez caught it. from sports

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  • adinmem

    The league did NOT state that Dez caught it… to say otherwise is the statement of a Cowboys fan who thinks the rules shouldn’t apply to them.
    The NFL changed the rules three years later so that going forward from that point and only from that point, a catch like that would be a reception, and it wasn’t only because of that play: there were many others.

  • SugarcoatTheGalaxy

    It’s because it was the Packers. I 100% believe they would have called it a catch of they were playing anyone else. Even Packer fans know it’s a classic call for them.

    Edit: Getting downvoted of course. No surprise

  • LesPolsfuss

    I could be totally wrong and confused, but wasn’t there a really controversial pass interference call that went Dallas’ way in this game?


  • Paddlesons

    Maybe one day players and fans will demand some sort of officiating reformation. I’ve been hoping it would come for over a decade now and Im just hoping that people are finally fed up. It’s been really bad for a REALLY long time.

  • Arrowkill

    I remember being at work and watching it live on the computer with my manager and co-workers at the time. We were all so happy and then so pissed seconds later. This still pisses me off a bit to rewatch it and remember that call.

  • Prudent-Ad2347

    Everyone talks about this play as of it would’ve won Dallas the game, but giving the ball back to Rodgers, down 2 with ~3:30 left is another great way to lose a game.

  • barnabytheplumber

    This makes me angry to rewatch. And I’m a Giants fan, I don’t like the Cowboys. This was an egregious call at the time, and even more ridiculous in retrospect.

    Somebody brought up the Calvin Johnson “non catch”. I feel for Candice Romo and Dez Bryant there. Why even bother playing the game, let alone devoting your life training to do it, making sacrifices, working and winning during the regular season, when at any moment the referee could take control over the game? And that’s it? The romance of the NFL is that any team can control its own destiny by the way it plays, any given Sunday. Especially in the playoffs. Here, Romo and the Cowboys had no control over the game, even though they had possession with plenty of time left, down less than a touchdown. It’s not nice to feel like you have no control, especially in a game like this, and when it comes to your career.

    You see this time and time again, there’s always a referee issue during any given season. Whether it’s what is a catch and what isn’t, taunting, pass interference no calls, and then way over compensating for pass interference the following season, phantom roughing the passer calls, reviews flipping a game when there’s not enough evidence to do so. And many times, like in this situation, it’s clear to anyone who’s ever watched the game of football, and probably to many who really haven’t, just to anyone with a modicum of common sense, that this was a catch. Forget what the rules say or said. This was a catch! If you argued that a similar play wasn’t a catch in some schoolyard game of football… I mean you wouldn’t do it at all. You’d sound ridiculous and no one would pay attention.

    I feel for the refs, it’s a hard job, it’s a fast paced game, and I hate to see an attitude like Dak’s last week when he made light of refs getting objects thrown at them when they were trying to leave the field. This though…. I just have no words. It’s so sad. That there are historical moments in the NFL, that changed the trajectory of the story of the game, careers were redefined, by insane calls or no calls. This one, Calvin Johnson, the Tuck rule, that Nickell Robey-Coleman pass interference no call in the Saints-Rams NFC championship game that directly altered the Super Bowl matchup. I just don’t even know what to say. Deeply disappointing.

  • MattyIce1638

    I remember after this game seeing an image or video of Romo coming to his family and his mother just holding him while he cried. Crushed me.

  • NYG_5

    Fuck Dallas but Bryant catches it, makes a football move via diving, crosses the plane and is down by contact before the ball pops out.

    Gajillion dollar industry with more cameras than a London city block but refs take 5 seconds to look at something and then make the wrong call, especially conveniently in the home team’s favor

  • goochjuicelove

    The NFL doesn’t care about anything besides the amount of money that comes in. It will always be that way. The NFL strokes themselves to this video and clean up with $100 bills.

  • bigwalsh55

    This was the exact moment I realized the Cowboys will never win another superbowl, atleast not in my lifetime. Even when we finally overcome the cowboys playoff curse and score more points than our opponent, the NFL will make something up to prevent us from continuing. This was clearly and obviously a completed pass but those refs just couldnt allow the Cowboys to win the game. There are only 3 absolute truths in life: you will die, you will pay taxes, and the cowboys will lose in the playoffs no matter their regular season performance.

  • banjorunner8484

    Can we get one of these on when romo fumbled the snap on the field goal against the Seahawks? Lol chump. I bet that’s a no. Can’t blame that on the refs.

  • RaymondStereo

    I was in a sports book in Vegas watching this game and when they overturned that play I thought a riot was going to break out.

  • bmholzhauer

    That was the craziest playoffs ever. Lions should have beat the cowboys, cowboys should have beat packers, packers should have beat the Seahawks, and Seahawks should have beat the Patriots.

  • Tg8402

    Tony Romo is a hall of fame quarterback who will never be in the hall of fame. Because his entire career was riddled with moments like this that were out of his control.

  • DudeBreu

    One more reason to never watch the NFL. This play, along with the no call PI against the saints, and all the other blown calls over the years that were clearly wrong. NFL is the WWE with pads.


    That rule caused so many horrible calls. I still vividly remember that infamous Steelers-Patriots Jesse James TD catch that was called back against us in 2017. Especially painful that it came against New England, who always seemed to catch every break when we played them. Infuriating.

  • Fenrir_dwell

    After this game, I started slowly losing interest in football overall. Literally because of this terrible, terrible call. A lifelong fan, I all but checked out. The good thing is that I don’t spend Sundays on the couch anymore.

  • GoWings2244

    The irony of whining about getting screwed over late in the game when the cowboys had ZERO business being there in the first place. Guess Jerry didn’t get enough limo vip treatment to the refs in that one. Karma is a bitch.

  • TheNightManCometh420

    No they did not officially state that Dez caught it, they agreed that they should amend the rule going forward so that similar catches would be ruled a catch in the future. They did not state that it should have been a catch at the time, but that it should be if something similar happens going forward. You’re misinterpreting what the actual announcement they made was….

  • CrackTotHekidZ

    That was the year of Karma, after that game the Packers lost on a controversial play to the Seahawks, and then the Seahawks went on to loose on the last play of the Super Bowl to the patriots.

  • Lemazze

    To this day, I hold this play has pure evidence that that the NFL is bad at football.
    Absolutely incredible at making money, but bad at the game of football

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