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Titanfall 2 is not underrated

Titanfall 2 is not underrated

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  • ThiccSkipper13

    The biggest problem is that Titanfall 2 had the worst release window. just before COD and just after BF1. it got lost in the hype train those two created that year. only a few months later did people realize how great the game was

  • outland_king

    If anything it’s under-exposed but possibly over-rated. everyone who has played it loves it and rates it among the best FPS games around. the single player campaign is great, the multiplayer is meme tier, it has a high skill ceiling but it’s kind of a one trick pony with the “gotta go fast” gameplay that actually incentivizes not using the mechs, which IMO are the best parts of the game.

  • Dingo_Of_Sass

    I can see both sides of the overrated argument but tend to lean more on the underrated side. I think everyone can agree it’s historically been underplayed, especially at launch. Titanfall is a good enough shooter to have a comparable playerbase to COD and battlefield imo.

  • Jellozz

    I actually think I agree it’s not really underrated at this point, but it was for most of its life.

    But honestly the reality is that once a game gets labelled as underrated it doesn’t usually lose that identity. Just how shit usually goes you know.

  • Whishat

    Titanfall 2’s campaign is really good. I just don’t think it’s one of the best games of this generation…that’s saying a lot

  • DataVeinDevil

    It is underrated because underrated refers to when it was released / new. Not retrospective opinions. Titanfall 2 is underrated, it was the best fps not just that yesr but best we had had in years and for a couple of years to come. The company that made it made so little money they were forced to sell out, that’s why a deal with EA was made.

    It was not a success despite its high quality. That makes it underrated in its time. Looking back and thinking more of it doesn’t change that. It still failed, it was underrated and cost the developers their independence.

    Edit: Neither did it score high across review sites on day 1, which has since been amended. Its player base was higher sometime after Apex was released that it ever was on its own.

  • Swittle15

    No not underrated, more bent over backwards and fucked to death by a shitty company and a basement dweller with too much spare time and a grudge

  • Rai_guy

    You’re right, the problem isn’t that Titanfall is underrated. The problem is the YABR (Yet Another Battle Royale) Apex legends is extremely overrated.

    *That* is the reason why we probably won’t get anymore Titanfall games, at least not for a while. The fans have spoken, and they have made it clear to Respawn that Titanfall is not the way to make money; battle royale is, since that seems to be the only kind of FPS anyone seems to want to make *or* play nowadays, unfortunately…

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