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Tidus Painting- Here is the start of my FFX Drawing Series

Tidus Painting- Here is the start of my FFX Drawing Series

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  • TylorHepnerArt

    Here is my new Tidus Painting!! So excited to start the FFX series. I’ve been drawing FFX designs and concepts for every character since my FF7 Finale poster I shared on Christmas.✨

    FFX is my favorite Final Fantasy. I love the characters and aesthetic so much and I want to try and flesh out the feeling we all love as much as I can in this series.✨

    Out of all the FF characters I’ve painted so far, Tidus has by far been the hardest likeness to capture. I wanted to match his CG model as much as I could while also making something unique.✨

    So excited to paint the rest of the characters! Will be sharing lots of sketches and poses for fun soon as well.
    Next up is Yuna! ✨

    Look forward to more and better work in 2022! ✨ So proud to be apart of the Final Fantasy Community! ✨

    Let me know what you guys think and if you’d like to see more!^^

  • Ras_Alghethi

    I feel that if I were to use any adjectives, it still would not be enough to describe the beauty of this art. Great job! Can’t wait to see Seymour / Auron 👍

  • Sticky_Yellow

    This is inedible.

    EDIT: On mobile. I meant incredible, but technically it’s true so that’s what I’m sticking with.

  • dubbznyc

    FFX is my favorite too. I don’t understand why it got as much hate as it did. Auron is also possibly my favorite FF character. Story is the best. Great romance, great ending.

    Edit: also love your art

  • DiddlyDoodler

    Very cool! FFX is one of my favourite games ever, so many memories embedded playing it with my bro and friends.
    Love the characters(and the voice acting), world and style.
    I hope you paint all the characters, even Seymour the asshole 😀

  • WantsToBeUnmade

    Man that’s cool. FFX was my favorite FF. It’s the first game that I ever felt like I was interactively playing a movie. You did especially well on his hair and face here.

    Although, holding the Brotherhood sword that way would be awkward as hell. Behind his back, in a reverse grip, at a 45 degree angle. Just something I noticed.

    That doesn’t detract from the artistry of the piece though, and it looks cool as hell.

  • Texas_Totes_My_Goats

    That’s amazing, you’re amazing and you really brought Tidus to life. It’s not my favorite FF, but it will always have a special place in my heart. I used to spend the Summers growing up at my grandfathers and he had no Internet or cable. I maxed out both the spheregrid and blitzball on my PS2 and all of my characters and my team were level 99. It was an awesome game and I have great memories of playing it. Thanks for the reminder TylorHepnerArt, you’re great.

  • srirulean

    If I may be blunt, I did just marvel at this image for a solid 10 minutes. I have the most minor of complaints, I do wish for an unmarked version. It detracts ever so slightly from this image, specifically with it being plastered far more than I’ve ever seen for any image online beyond stock photos. I understand the reasoning, but is there a version without the markings? I’d be highly interested!

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