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Thoughts on this? Especially with bungies history with xbox.

Thoughts on this? Especially with bungies history with xbox.

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  • SprayAndPay69

    Sony buys Bungie on deadline day for reported fee of 3,8 billion in response to Microsoft buying Activision for 68 billion. Bungie has a lot of potential lets see if he can deliver world class performances to Sony as fans are looking foward to whats next for them.

  • lordraiden007

    Idgaf, Bungie hasn’t put out a good game since their last Halo, and they’ve done nothing but ruin their reputation since making Destiny. Have fun with the pile of shit PlayStation, maybe you can even turn the studio around.

  • Big_Remote_117

    Not a fan. I casually play destiny and that game got way better after the first split from Sony. I’ll miss you Bungie.

  • bigfuzzydog

    This is a strange purchase in my opinion. Really the only thing Bungie has worked on in the last 5 years is Destiny 2. Its also on all platforms currently so its not like they are gonna pull it from Xbox or PC. Bungie is a good studio but this isnt that major of a shake up

  • KingOfShiki

    I really don’t care aslong as games are getiting made and right now Sony and Microsoft are getting destroyed by Nintendo in that department.

  • Spoolge2543

    I don’t care in the slightest, I play destiny 2 from time to time and enjoy it but that’s not becoming a ps exclusive because I’m pretty sure it has been stated that it isn’t

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