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this was the second scariest game level in my life

this was the second scariest game level in my life

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  • TryHardKenichi

    It’s weird that it took me less than a minute to recognize what this was, and it’s been over a decade since I’ve played this game.

    It was definitely an unexpected level in an action game and it gave me the creeps, too.

    I can hear a baby crying now. I hope you’re happy.

  • WolfgangVolos

    I was playing this part and I kept getting this overwhelming sense of dread. Like there were eyes staring into the back of my head with murderous intent. I couldn’t shake the feeling so I slowly looked over my shoulder.

    Outside of my window there was black bear staring at me while monching on an orange peel. The window was big enough that he could crawl through if determined enough. I turned my TV off, slowly backed away toward my door, and closed the door while maintaining eye contact with the bear. I screamed to my parents about the bear. We stayed huddled in the living room waiting for the sound of broken glass. Fun times.

  • Sorry-Foundation-279

    Blast from the past, clean forgot about this level. I always thought the Shalebridge Cradle in Thief(Deadly Shadows) was much more scary/ creepy.

  • GuNNzA69

    I’m not sure… I never read anything about that, but it’s possible that they took inspiration from The Matrix, if I remember correctly The Matrix first movie was released around that time.

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