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This is why you have kids. (Original w/ sound)

This is why you have kids. (Original w/ sound)

This is why you have kids. (Original w/ sound) from funny

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  • theJayRaff

    Hey all. Daddy here.

    This was just reposted on reddit without sound, which is an absolute disgrace. It looks like the bad repost was removed but if this also gets removed due to it being a (better) repost of the bad repost of the original, then you can watch the original with sound on my Instagram @shepdev_online, or on YouTube (SHEPDEV)… Or on Tiktok (@shepdev_online).

    To answer some questions that were on the bad repost:

    1. The grenade is a “Cyclone” impact propane/green gas grenade made by Airsoft Innovations.

    2. No children were hurt in the making of this video. My daughter bounced back quickly after her failure to capitalize on the defender’s advantage.

    3. My legs were built by a lot of backflips and “parkour” and are now only remnants of this past life.

    4. No, I’m not special forces, this would be a grossly negligent thing to post if I was. I’m just a common man. Tactics differ depending on the end goal, but this was certainly not supposed to be a representation of a “perfect” entry.

    5. The nerf gun I’m using is an Adventure Force “Spectrum”. Best $20 ever spent at Walmart.

    Thanks for enjoying my children’s destruction with me 👊

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