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They CAUGHT the GTA 6 Leaker!

They CAUGHT the GTA 6 Leaker!

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  • kerred

    So from what I understand, most AAA companies go through so much employee turnover that there would be a pretty long laundry list of potential cracks someone could get access to, as well as current employees that leave potential access due to mistakes from overwork and pressure?

    Assuming working for a AAA company is still as bad as many lead it to be.

  • kerred

    Another fun tidbit: in the old “all your history” documentary on Valve, a hacker found an exploit in Microsoft Outlook that allowed said hacker to access and spread Half Life 2 data.

    The leak was devastating for morale according to Gabe Newell and for a moment Half Life 2 could have been canceled or paused to a point of entering development hell.

    Valve encouraged the community for any help, but eventually the hacker themselves posted how they did it via Outlook and asked Valve for a job.

    Valve tried to get the hacker to fly over to “agree” but the hacker bailed out before getting to the airport.

    How i first heard of it https://youtu.be/6Ig9L_2lXNg

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