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These optional upcharges at the bar’s discretion

These optional upcharges at the bar’s discretion

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  • teabagalomaniac

    I don’t think that I’d want to drink here. It’s not because I’m inclined towards doing any of these things, this sign would just give me the vibe that I’m generally detested by the staff.

  • a987789987

    We have this burger joint in our town that has a list of rules for ordering stuff. Other is a pizza place where customer selected toppings pizza is billed as an ”idiot pizza.” Never wasted my time with these.

  • RagingHolly

    I think the only one on here that really annoys me is the “Asking for individual checks for 10+ people.”

    So, having a get together with coworkers, friends, or teammates, is a no go there? Cuz I’m too broke to pay for 9 other people’s shit.

  • kyuuketsuki47

    I remember I used to frequent a bar that had a menu item of “Bartender’s choice” and they’d basically ask you what you were in the mood for (eg, something sweet, bitter, fruity… just general flavor profiles), if there were any alcohols you preferred and if you had any allergies. Then they’d make you a drink based on that. It was really fun and great. And the bartenders seemed to love to show off what they could do.

  • jmd_forest

    Although I don’t engage in this type of banter, the first thing I do when I see this sign is put my money back in my wallet and find a friendlier place to spend my money.

  • mrkruk

    Reminds me of the eBay people with like 8 paragraphs of stipulations to buy from them and what they’re not responsible for. Hard pass, there are other options.

  • TheMolecularChef

    Bartender here. While it’s true that a lot of this stuff is annoying, the sign is stupid. No reason to alienate your guests. You’re in the industry of dealing with some shitty people, just pretend they don’t suck until they go away. This is my approach to each of these:

    “I know the owner.” – If the owner wanted me to give them special treatment, they would have told me. I just treat them like any other guest.

    “Ordering the cocktail your BF’s uncle made you one time.” Rad. If I know it I’m happy to make it. If I don’t I’ll look it up. If I can’t find it then I’ll ask you for the recipe. If you don’t know, or we don’t have the stuff for it, then we’ll figure out another drink you’ll like.

    “Surprise me.” Fuck yeah this is my jam. I’ll ask some questions to get a feel for your preferences, but I love this stuff.

    “I’m a bartender too!” If they are saying this to get preferential treatment, then I just say cool, make a little small talk about it, and continue to treat them like every other guest. If they genuinely want to talk drinks or commiserate, if I’ve got time we can talk shop.

    “Ordering w/o being acknowledged” I just tell them ‘Sorry I’ve got a couple others ahead of you, I’ll be with you in just a sec.’

    “Make it a stiff one.” I ask them if they want a double, if they say no then I pour them and charge them for a single. If they say yes I pour them and charge them for a double. Not even an inconvenience.

    “I’m a great tipper.” This again just falls under treating them like every other guest.

    “It’s my birthday.” Tell them happy birthday, follow whatever your company’s birthday policy is. Then continue to treat them like every other guest. Easy peasy.

    “Whistling/snapping fingers” If you whistle or snap your fingers at me you’re moving to the bottom of my mental queue on serving order. Don’t be a dick. This is the only thing on the list that’s legitimately rude.

    “Is there even alcohol in this?” Say yep, and then ask them if they want another shot in it. If they say yes, pour them a shot that they can add to the drink and charge them for a shot. Simplicity itself.

    “Groups of 10+ asking for separate checks.” In restaurants I’ve worked for where the system is a huge hassle to split checks after the fact, I usually just ask large groups up front whether they will be splitting the check so that I can do that work up front. Sometimes they change their mind and it’s annoying, but as a server or bartender you can mitigate this pretty effectively.

    “Not handling your alcohol.” Bro it’s your job to make sure people are being served responsibly. If someone is not handling their alcohol you didn’t do your job.

    “Bringing up religion/politics” If someone tries to talk with me about it I usually just say that politics/religion is too divisive and that’s not really the atmosphere we’re going for in here. Guests can talk about it amongst themselves, I don’t care.

  • cataclysmicasthmatic

    As someone who was a bartender for years I find this so petty and childish. If you aren’t being a problem physically or just weird around everyone else then I’m just gonna serve you normally. If you did stuff that annoyed me I might serve other people before you. A bar is a bar it’s a place for people to get drunk and have a good time. They are gonna say some dumbshit, who cares if they do. If they don’t cause a problem with anyone physically or emotionally I don’t see an issue. Making a mountain out of a molehill tbh.

  • MasSillig

    Imagine asking for a surprise because it’s your birthday and getting charged double.

    Fuck this sign, you’re a bartender. Your job is literally servicing drunk people, some of them are going to be annoying.

  • DG729

    Bartenders will complain when you don’t handle your alcohol, but when I *do* try to handle my own alcohol suddenly it’s all “you can’t be behind the bar” and “you’re not allowed to pour your own drinks.”

    Make up your mind!

  • itemluminouswadison

    lmao ordering w/o being acknowledged

    i’ve had many an asshole employee vaguely glance in your direction and then continue to ignore you because “ya didnt order nuthin!”

  • esoteric_enigma

    This bar kind of sucks. I’m a bartender and we are always happy to meet other bartenders. We also love people telling us to surprise them; it gave us a chance to be creative.

  • endorbr

    I’m not inclined to do any of this stuff but I’m also not inclined to frequent an establishment that seems to have such open disdain for its customers. Bet the bartenders bitch about a lack of tips too.

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