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The Tragedy of Macbeth — Making the Film

The Tragedy of Macbeth — Making the Film

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  • birdentap

    Denzel really sold every line. Im not well versed in Shakespeare so some of it I had trouble following, but every Macbeth line had a physicality to it that made it feel much more understandable.

  • Gordonb0mbay

    Watched this last night. It’s well done, and I think even if you lose the language at times you’ll still be able to follow the story.

  • Particular-Fly-3643

    Wow, 400 VFX shots. Im someone who’s a pretty ardent defender of CGI but that really impresses even me and speaks to how great of a tool digital effects are when you have someone with a vision and a collaborative team.

  • MarkHAZE86

    I want to see this but I had to see Drive My Car first because it’s only playing for the weekend. Denzel Washington has also done a lot of Shakespeare on stage. He seems to be really passionate about it, plus I used to think it would be cool if the Coen Brothers and Denzel Washington did a movie together. It’s close enough since it’s 1 of them. I didn’t meet Joel but I met Ethan Coen last Summer when he introduced Fargo at a Drive-In. Also a few years before that. Also I was an extra in a Denzel Washington movie back in 2007.

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