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The story behind ‘The Greatest Guitar Solo Ever’

The story behind ‘The Greatest Guitar Solo Ever’

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  • ge93

    Huh this isn’t a documentary on the second Comfortably Numb solo or the 3rd All Along the Watchtower Solo or the Live at Alchemy Sultans of Swing solo🤔

  • sarindong

    fantastic vid, but i personally disagree with the narrator’s opinion that the 2nd rising of the main riff after the chaos is tinged with hope. it doesnt sound that way to me, but, maybe that’s just me.

    its a fucking AMAZING song and truly a masterpiece, but i just don’t feel any hope from it at all. i get significant mourning with hints of relief here and there. to me its like breathing when youre crying. those breaths you take feel relieving, but they don’t fix the problem.

  • dma1965

    I remember growing up in Cleveland Ohio and hearing this for the first time. I was stoned out of my mind and it came on the radio on WMMS 101 FM at 1:30 AM. They played this at 1:30 AM every Sunday morning from 1976 to 1995, signaling last call for many bars in tuning range. Local radio station 98.5 started playing it every night at 11:50 PM in 1988 and from what I have heard it continues to this day.

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