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The Sandman | Date Announcement | Netflix | August 5th

The Sandman | Date Announcement | Netflix | August 5th

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  • Dubwell

    I really wish HBO or Showtime picked this up. This looks very “Netflix.” Pretty disappointed BUT I am holding out hope that the trailer was just generic and the show itself is great.

  • TBoarder

    What a mess of a reveal, putting the date on the posters they showed at the start and then the stream glitching out at the end of the trailer when the date was supposed to show. That said, I really can’t wait 🙂

  • jay_alfred_prufrock

    This will be a terrible mess that has barely anything to do with the comics, it is obvious even from this short preview.

    Edit: To people keep telling me who has read the whole series multiple times over 20 years, I ask you, show me where the guns were when Morpheus escaped. Show me where Morpheus says “I will remind them” about dreams not obeying him. Where was the Mad Hettie dialogue again? The character that magically feels “he is out of his cage” show me the page where he was at?

    Take your “have you read” comments and shove them because I have read them and just because there are several shots mimicking the comics doesn’t mean it is going to be exactly like the comics. We’ll see.

  • dagreenman18

    Gonna take a minute to get James McAvoy’s voice out of my head because he is SO GOOD in the audio dramas (seriously go listen to them), but I’m optimistic about the live action take on the story. I’m most excited to see Kirby Howell Baptiste’s Death and Gwendolyn Christie’s Lucifer. Feel like they’re going to nail it

  • BlueskyKitsu

    Sandman was an incredibly formative graphic novel for me as a teenage girl; Death is one of my favorite fictional characters of all time.

    I have no idea how you could possibly translate its pages to the format of a TV series and hope to do it any amount of justice, and I don’t envy the showrunners but they certainly nailed the aesthetics of it.

  • Velascus

    It looks better than I expected tbh.

    But then I am purposely keeping my expectations as low as damn possible, considering Sandman is in my top 3 of all time comic runs and it’s going to be difficult to reach the comic’s height of quality.

    This looks good though. I am still worried about some of the cast choices, but I’ll need to see them in action first. Hammil as Merv is a perfect choice though.

  • CrankyStalfos

    It’s bugging me more than I thought it would that his eyes aren’t blacked out. Everything else looks good, though.

  • Yojo0o

    Some of the earlier footage looked disappointingly low-budget, but this looked *real nice*. Straight off the pages in some shots. I’m excited!

  • Practical-Exchange60

    If Netflix gets this right I’ll keep my subscription for another whole year. Maybe, that’s expecting a lot of myself.

  • HutchyRJS

    August/September will be great for a geek like me

    The Sandman, She Hulk, Andor, House of the Dragon, Lord of the Rings

  • Mander2019

    I remember Neil complaining years ago about how a studio wanted to adapt this with a teenager playing Dream and they wanted him to shoehorn in a video game. I’m so glad he’s come so far.

  • bord2heck

    Why is it so serious? Sandman has always dealt with dark themes, and Dream takes himself super seriously… but that’s often drummed up for laughs. Like, could you imagine Delirium in this world? Or matthew being his silly self? I hope that’s just the aesthetic for the trailer.

  • JerrodDRagon

    Can’t wait to watch it all and get told season 2 isn’t coming

    Netflix better get three seasons at of this

  • Blackrame

    Should I read it before or go in completely blank? Apparently I would’ve enjoyed Dune more with the book knowledge.

  • JustCallMeTsukasa-96

    Everything from the settings to that poster looks a lot better than I expected it to be. Only thing that leaves a lot to be desired is Death herself.😑

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