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The Poppy Family, 1970

The Poppy Family, 1970

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  • DavoTB

    The Poppy Family, appearing during their peak of popularity. This was at the Ontario Place Forum, July 26, 1972. Pictured are guitarist Craig McCaw, vocalist Susan Jacks, guitarist/vocalist Terry Jacks , and tabla player Satwant Singh, seated far right. Their biggest hit, “Which Way You Goin’ Billy,” was a #1 song in Canada, and #1 Cashbox/#2 Billboard in the US. While they continued with further hits, especially in Canada, their follow-up (“That’s Where I Went Wrong”) was the only further US hit.

    The group itself broke up following Susan’s solo work in 1973, and the following year, Terry scored an international #1 song, “Seasons In The Sun.” Susan passed away in 2022.

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