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The moment I knew I had to stop getting dressed in front of my kid (4)was when he drew a series of me, naked. I also learned it was time to shave.

The moment I knew I had to stop getting dressed in front of my kid (4)was when he drew a series of me, naked. I also learned it was time to shave.

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  • UninsuredToast

    I accidentally walked in on my mom naked when I was a kid and she said I covered my eyes and shouted “I SAW YOUR BLACK THING”

  • Rxton

    You might want to put that black bar over your eyes so no one will recognize you. Those are remarkably realistic.

  • Squishy_Calamity

    My son, wandering into the bathroom while I’m drying off from a shower: “Mom, you’re HAIRY!!!”

    Me: “yep, someday you’ll have hair too”

    Son-Vader: “NOOOOOOOO”

  • eating_mandarins

    I have a very artful drawing from my then 4 year old of myself in the shower farting. A lot of detail went into the rendering of the fart.

  • OffbrandBeyonce

    Aw thanks for the awards! I’m also happy that most of us can laugh at this hilariously innocent moment too.

    Edit:I’d also like to note this was drawn when he was four, he’s nearly 12 now, well rounded, a great artist and a happy kid. Not traumatized or showing signs of being a serial killer. Cheers!

  • marcs1130

    I remember VIVIDLY when I was in 1st grade everyone was telling stories about their parents and what they don’t like about them or some crap like that. It was my turn and I had nothing to say so I just said the most random shit ever. I basically said my dad goes to the restroom and doesn’t wash his hands afterwords. Then that day my dad picked me up from school and I guess the teacher told him and he was so pissed at me, then we got to my grandmas house and my uncle kind of laughed it off, I was so confused as to how I should react lol. Good stuff

  • MAXQDee-314

    This is adorable.

    Childish, but that’s perfect.

    No embarrassment or judgement.

    On anyone’s part.

    Just drawing mom.

  • buttercream73437

    For father’s day at school my brother’s class did drawings of their dads and answered various questions like “my dad likes to…. My brother answered it as “My dad likes to sing in the shower” and drew a very detailed full frontal image of our dad.

  • hankait16

    My 4 year old walked in my room last night and took my blankets off me and started laughing. I asked her what was so funny and she says “mama, your ‘gina has hairs on it!” While she’s laughing hysterically. These kids are something else 🤦

  • Raaxis

    My favorite part is that this is marked NSFW as if any adult human is going to look at these drawings and immediately think *another adult human drew them*

  • Wendilintheweird

    I nannied years ago and the little girl who was 4ish at the time came barging into my bathroom once as I was buck naked getting into the shower. She stopped when she saw me and said “hey! my mom has feathers too!”

  • _dontjimthecamera

    When I was like 6 I gave my dad a birthday card and inside of it I drew pictures of us camping, me stealing him swim trunks, and him naked and chasing me with his dick flopping all around. I don’t necessarily remember if that actually happened but I vividly remember his reaction to the card.

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