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The Legend of Vox Machina – Red Band Trailer | Prime Video

The Legend of Vox Machina – Red Band Trailer | Prime Video

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  • revantargaryen

    Reaaaally curious as to how this will go. Love CR, just wondering how it’ll translate in a condensed, scripted format

  • OdinMead

    As someone who only made it about 4 or so episodes in to their show, I would throw all kinds of money at this from the trailer alone.

  • Gorssky

    Dungeons & Dragons has been getting a lot of great “unintentional collaborative promotion” ever since Stranger Things which is really great! Glad to see things like this becoming so big to really bring in more people to the Fallen Realms! More people in the community equals more resources and creations! It’s very exciting!

  • so_yeah_I_guess_sure

    Kima! Allura! Gilmore! Scanbo! Awesome to see all these recognizable characters and events in the trailer, can’t wait for new audiences to get introduced to them all!

  • Midnight_Oil_

    Very excited for this. Have wanted to experience the story of CR for some time now, but didn’t want to listen to hundreds of hours of podcasts. This seems like a lot of fun, I’m here for it!

  • greatatdrinking

    lol.. okay. I’m not crazy for having watched an inordinate amount of critical role episodes and having found them entertaining. I’ll take a prime video cartoon to confirm my bias

  • Cool-Sage

    Yo it’s my DnD group animated 😭


    just discovered that this is based off a real DnD group called “critical role” lmao they have the same energy as my friends. Time to binge watch their content

  • VirinaB

    Based on the comments I wouldn’t be surprised if this only gets recognition from the fans.

    But the people hating on this are also hating on Castlevania so then again…

  • Frank_the_Mighty

    It’s been pretty cool watching CR’s success. The first episode I caught live was campaign 1, episode 50ish. Been on and off with the show, currently on C2E100ish

  • The_Quackening

    no idea who or what critical role is, but this looks fun, and some of the animation looks great!

    looking forward to this!

  • Spoons42

    Someone I know had an early preview of this, and they had no experience with the source material and said it was quite funny, with an interesting plot, and they were excited to see where the plot went after the last episode they watched.

  • Knackered_dad_uk

    Can’t wait for this. Vox machina was prime critical role in my opinion. I loved the characters and I’m really looking forward to seeing this.

    I also really like the cast and hope this does well. Cr feels like I’ve been invited to sit down with a group of witty silly friends who can say what they want and have fun. They made driving, cleaning, ironing, late night feeds loads of fun

  • BabySeals84

    I’m sure being familiar with Critical Role will significantly increase one’s enjoyment of this show.

    The real question: Is familiarity simply beneficial, or a requirement?

  • LordoftheWandows

    As someone who is 100% up to date with the live shows. I’m incredibly excited for this show ever since I backed the kickstarter. My one slight concern, especially when it comes to outsiders watching the series, is the humor missing the mark. What made this exact same humor so appealing in the live shows was seeing the other players across the table laughing at their friends goofing off. Even Sam Reigel’s sponsor adds at the beginning of their episodes would feel so much cringier if he didn’t have the other cast members rolling in their seats the entire time. The main thing that will get me through the moments that might fall flat is imagining how much joy the CR cast members will get out of watching those same moments. I truly believe that CR won’t release something that they themselves are not 100% happy with.

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