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The last infented… (for real where are they)

The last infented… (for real where are they)

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  • SModfan

    The reality is the main reason there are infected throughout the game is to give you stuff to shoot at. The story wasn’t about the infected, it was about the characters, the infected were there to give the player something to fight.

    This is like saying “where is the crafting and menus in the tv show?!” (I know this is being a little hyperbolic / over the top)

  • Lithuim

    Every game ever.

    You kill the entire population of Texas in RDR2, but the movies it’s mimicking would often have a body count in the single digits.

    Games always have a gigantic body count in service of the game play – they player needs to actually *do* something minute to minute.

  • Daryno90

    I mean in the context of a tv show, it makes more sense for them to only have a few infected at a time and make them dangerous. Also there were several moments where there were swarms of infected. The reason why the game had so many infected in it is for the sake of combat

  • pokepok

    You mostly encounter infected when you’re traveling between cut scenes tbh. The TV show isn’t going to focus on the gameplay parts of the game – they’re focusing on the story. You didn’t have a lot of cut scenes with infected.

  • Rizenstrom

    People are trying to justify the show having fewer infected but I’m pretty sure that’s wrong. There have been multiple scenes now with hoards bigger than anything we saw in game.

    When the first arrive to the city you can see what looks like hundreds in the streets.

    When Tess sacrafices herself there are at least a dozen or so.

    When the ground erupts and the bloater appears there are once again dozens of infected.

    Just because there isn’t one around every corner doesn’t mean they aren’t there. The show just handles it a bit differently. It would get boring fast if we had to watch Joel and Ellie sneak around throwing bricks and bottles every other room.

  • Joorpunch

    Not to say all writers and film/tv developers are infallible, but it’s posts like these that make me extremely glad the average person posting on the internet is not involved in any type of creative writing/ storytelling for any medium.

  • stro_b

    There was a massive horde a just a few episodes ago. I like how the show has the infected as a constant, ambient threat but allows other more character-driven stories to play out.

    Were all these settlements and places Joel and Ellie visit constantly under siege by hordes of infected, that’s what evert episode would be about. Wasting waves of enemies is fun in a game but gets repetitive in a narrative-driven show. They’re striking a good balance, I believe.

  • bingbing304

    On the TV, it is either 1 or 2 loners for easy picking or an impossible horde of hundreds of charging stalkers. With nothing in between.

  • pzikho

    Everyone goes from one extreme (almost no infected) to the other extreme (constant zombie fights). There’s an ocean of middle ground. I personally think the occasional zombie fight would help with the pacing, and would just be a lot more fun to see. Live action clickers are great, I feel disappointed we’ve only gotten to see them in real detail once so far.

  • Horror_Pack_801

    The Infected in TLoU were mostly used as gameplay features, and as a premise for a story. As such, it’s hard to integrate them into a visual story without feeling like it’s padding. I think they do a great job with it though. The establish in the second episode why they’re such a threat that the world hasn’t recovered yet, with another reminder a few episode later of why you don’t fuck with infected, but don’t overstay their welcome. In the game, infected are an obstacle. In the show, they’re a death sentence. If you showed Joel mowing down hundreds of the fuckers, people would question why the military wasn’t able to wipe them out initially.

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