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The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (2023 Movie) – Reveal

The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (2023 Movie) – Reveal

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  • Portgas

    Feels like a decade too late. I actually have no idea why they didn’t keep milking the franchise with then-planned tv shows and stuff. So weird.

  • ollieoliverx000

    I’ll wait and see but I read the book out of curiosity, and I don’t think this will be of interest to anybody but the most diehard fans of the original series.

  • classyfools

    i really enjoyed the book but i wonder how they will be able to transfer it to screen… a lot of it was inner monologue if i remember correctly especially the games wasn’t even in first perspective unlike the previous books

  • timshel_life

    The grip that the YA Dystopian movies of the early-mid 2010s had was crazy, the downfall was even crazier. Doubt this will have nearly as much success as the first films. Coming out of a pandemic, governments and its people at such odds, the division within society itself, all may keep viewers from really flocking to see this.

  • cobalt_gotham

    I’m a huge, huge fan of this series. I loved reading the books and going to the movies growing up and it feels weird being an adult now when this one is on the way. The book was surprisingly enjoyable despite there being no real place or need for a prequel in this universe and I’m hoping they’ll recover their stride after the last movie wasn’t that great imo. It does feel late like others are saying, so I’m hoping for the best and wavering my expectations.

  • Mundane-Key-9830

    I thought snow was an interesting character made that much better by Donald Sutherland. Hope the younger actor is as good.

  • Foxy02016YT

    FUCK YEAH… I mean I haven’t read that book yet (been procrastinating in case it ain’t good) but I’m glad I can finally have the experience of seeing a Hunger Games movie in theaters

  • MidnightUberRide

    for a second I thought that this wasn’t based on a book and the marketing team actually picked “The ballad of songbirds and snakes” as the movie name.

  • BluSloot

    Honestly…the Hunger Games series is slept on and I don’t understand why. The concept may be a bit outdated and overdone by today’s standard but every book in that series is solid and so were the movies. The franchise has yet to produce anything sub-par.

    For movies catered to a YA audience, THG movies had no business being as compelling as they were.

    This movie has everything going for it, and this series has yet to let me down. Suzanne Collins knows how to write compelling characters.

  • PlusSizeRussianModel

    That is easily one of the wordiest titles I’ve ever seen. And it doesn’t even really mean anything.

  • ripyourlungsdave

    I.. I’m so confused.

    Who is asking for this?..

    I have to imagine that even the people that loved the books *and the movies* had to have stopped giving a shit by now.

  • NearHi

    Yikes… The book wasn’t that great. It really just makes Snow less like a manipulative madman, and more like a bitter incel that takes it out on a country.

  • hurricanetrash

    Ngl I’m probably more excited for this than… let’s say 85% of the population, but this trailer is giving serious 2000s book trailers if anyone understands what I mean by that. If it had been poorly narrated it would have been exactly like a 2000s-early 2010s book trailer.

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