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The Friendly Giant, Canadian children’s show, 1970

The Friendly Giant, Canadian children’s show, 1970

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  • leavemealonegeez

    I used to have an AGM at a British themed Pub who looked exactly like this guy. He was the best.

    Thanks for being so friendly, Jared ✌️

  • -Swampthing-

    The show **wasn’t** from 1970, so the date’s wrong. It started in 1958 and ran for almost 3,000 episodes until 1982 on CBC in Canada.

  • nbgkbn

    The intro was a recorder version of Greensleaves. It was very popular in Northern NY.

    Does this guy look like Alex Liefson from Rush?

  • YYCMTB68

    (Actor) “Bob Homme was born in Stoughton, Wisconsin into a Norwegian family. His parents were high school woodworking teachers, Raymond and Roselyn Homme. He attended elementary school at West Side School before attending Stoughton High School where graduated in 1937. He enrolled at the University of Wisconsin and graduated with a major in economics. He worked at a bank before joining the Air National Guard. His unit was activated in June 1941, prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor. He was soon promoted to Staff Sergeant, a rank he held for the duration of the war. One of his military assignments was to study psychology at Cornell University. He was later sent to study again at the University of Wisconsin.[4] He finished the war processing and classifying discharging servicemen. Among the notable people he discharged was the actor and director, Captain John Huston.”

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