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The Fallout | Official Trailer

The Fallout | Official Trailer

The Fallout | Official Trailer

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  • Wubbledaddy

    Saw it last year at SXSW and it’s fantastic. Probably the bleakest and most honest portrayal of a school shooting I’ve seen in a movie. No on-screen violence, but man is it still so hard hitting.

    Jenna Ortega is a star in the making (if this wasn’t a January release she could easily have picked up some awards for this), and Maddie Ziegler actually does a great job as well (the opposite of her performance in that Sia movie.)

  • Bamm83

    It’s a very interesting take on a school shooting. And I think it’s a very important one. When I was a freshman in 1998, my school had a shooting. I knew the shooter.

    The feeling of being 14 and having to deal with not only the real tragedy of it, but to also carry the guilt of being one of the shooter’s “friends” was difficult.

    I’m 38 years old now and still have obstacles to deal with from that incident.

    Elephant was always a great film capturing a real version of such a tragedy, but this film here seems to show what the students dealt with after that basically shapes them into adults.

  • StarScreamer

    Without knowing anything about this film, I’m going to guess Mia is a great singer who has become self destructive due to the shooting. The film will end with her changing her name to Celeste. Boom! Vox Lux prequel.

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