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The band King Harvest, 1973, colorized

The band King Harvest, 1973, colorized

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  • DavoTB

    A memorable “one-hit-wonder” from 1972, recorded by the band King Harvest, which reached US #13 Billboard and #10 Cashbox and Canada #5. The song itself was wriiten by Sherman Kelly, who recorded it with his group, Boffolongo in 1970. Their version, with Sherman’s vocal, is available online via youtube.

    The backstory to this pleasant “feel-good” song has an odd twist, as Kelly wrote the song after he and his girlfriend were assaulted and beaten while sleeping on a beach in St. Croix. The story behind this has been covered in interviews and is on a site called:

    The King Harvest version featured Dave “Doc” Robinson on vocals.

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